WHEN: 12:12pm EST, August 26th, 2012

WHERE: In the living room of my apartment in Portland, ME (Isla Nublar)

FORMAT: Blu-Ray on a Vizio 32″ LED HDTV

COMPANY: None until 1:11pm, when Cinemanaut John, Future Cinemanaut Becca, and Person I Know Amanda busted in with groceries and conversations about movies

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Just finished The Hunger (my notes say I “got my lesbian fix”), feeling kind of weird because I just watched Top Gun yesterday, excited to get through this so I can watch Beverly Hills Cop IIRevenge, and Days of Thunder. Yup, it’s Part I of my Give Tony Scott a Fair Shake Marathon, to be detailed in a later entry.


  • I just realized; I may not be doing the Top Gun Detox Box this week (to test if those catchy songs come back into my head), but I will be hearing the “Axel F” song after this movie. Fuck yeah. That should help.
  • The shift in tone between The Hunger and Top Gun makes me think Tony Scott doesn’t like Top Gun that much. I’m also basing this on the commentary, but it seems like this was a project he was handed and he mainstreamed it out of the water. I will definitely have to listen to his commentary for The Hunger.
  • Seriously, I have no business judging a director’s skills based solely on one radically different sophomore effort. What was I thinking?
  • First time I noticed the look Mav gives Charlie’s date. He’s checking him out, but in an “I’m better than this guy” way.
  • The song “Hot Summer Nights” is trying to stay with me as I watch. This is going to suck. For science.
  • Guy in a trucker cap putting on sunscreen! You will always notice something new when you rewatch a movie.

This changes EVERYTHING.

  • It’s hard to feel like I’m not on auto-pilot. I paid such close attention to The Hunger. And now, relive two hours of your life! Again and again and again.
  • “Gutsiest move I ever saw, man.” That scene would play completely different without that line. Everybody else kind of looks at Mav like he’s an asshole. Then that guy speaks up and we, the audience, are convinced that Maverick did, in fact, make the right moves. I guess.
  • Things in the Hunger sex scenes that are also in the Top Gun sex scene: Backlit silhouettes. Way too much licking. Synthesizers. Things that are not: Lesbians. Tits. Blood.

Point goes to The Hunger. Let’s see how it does in the Aerial Combat round.

  • BOOM! All the people I mentioned above in the Company section blast their way into my living room. John asks why a Navy recruitment poster is in a bathroom at a naval base. We discussed this for far too long.
  • “Goose looks like a cartoon worm.” – John

  • I started talking about mashing up the piece of score called “Memories” with other songs. Then I realized I had that music on my iPhone and scratched it up a bit in the djay app. 99 cents! Sorry, love my new phone.
  • Becca is quietly quoting the dialogue while making pizza in the kitchen. Chicks and this movie, man.
  • When Viper and Mav are talking about his dead dad, there is a picnic table behind them. There is way too much food on it for four people. Either the Metcalf clan is having company over, or they eat like Michael Phelps.

Not individually. The four of them eat what one Michael Phelps eats.

  • Becca: “It’s so weird watching this after The Hunger. It’s like going from Cronenberg to Michael Bay.” Well said.

Took a break from trying to kill the Top Gun soundtrack with ’80s tunes to see if it affects my data. Unless you count that shakedown takedown breakdown caketown song from Beverly Hills Cop II.

I barely had time for thoughts. As soon as this ended, I popped in BHCII.

In lieu of some meaty good thoughts for this viewing, I’m going to save them for my Give Tony Scott a Fair Shake Marathon write-ups. I need to properly convey the severe case of swamp ass that ten hours of Tony Scott movies will give you.

Hey, have you voted for what we have to watch next year? You should do that.

Gort commands it.