Rally B!

Yeah. Ghostwriter reference. Deal with it.

If this is your first time on the site, welcome! I’ve been watching Top Gun every week of 2012 so far.

Here’s an idea of what that does to you after 33 weeks.

Aug. 12, 2012
5:25pm EST – Said, “This kid’s good,” in regards to Matt Selva’s poster skills. Realized Viper says that in Top Gun.

11:49pm EST – Reading TOPGUN Zen. The book mentions “the glasses on your face.” Contemplated how a reader without glasses would take that. Maybe their sunglasses? Shit, Maverick–


Aug. 13, 2012
12:37am EST – Reading TOPGUN Zen. On page 74, dogfighting is described. Pictured the one-on-one hop with Jester at the beginning.

6:03am EST – Heard that Jennifer Aniston was engaged. Heard that Eminem-looking radar guy saying, “Maverick’s re-engaging.”

3:10pm EST – Got some intense final battle score stuck in my head while stressed at work. I see we’ve moved out of the realm of pop music…

Aug. 14, 2012
7:29am EST (time of awakening) – Had a dream featuring “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin’.” [Detailed here.]

8:28am EST – Watching a YouTube video of “Baby Got Back” made entirely out of movie clips. Mentally prepared myself to hear Air Boss Johnson shout “BUTTS!” and recoiled in fear. The scene never appeared in the video.

Aug. 15, 2012
4:09am EST – Score from the plane-watching sadness time scene stuck in head. Think I need a way to combat the score [in addition to the Top Gun Detox Box comprised of ’80s pop albums]. Explorers soundtrack? Back to the Future? Does it have to be ’80s? Inception?


5:53am EST – Saw someone on Facebook with the last name “Butts.” Thought of Air Boss Johnson shouting, “I want some butts!”

7:50am EST – Overheard someone at work say they were “holding on.” Thought of Cougar saying, “I’m holdin’ on too tight. I’ve lost the edge.”


Oh, you so sneaky, Top Gun music.

So the Detox Box experiment (listening to Slippery When Wet1984, and Dead Man’s Party after each viewing to knock loose the pop songs from the film) seems to be a rousing success, but I still have three music-related results this week. Two of them are score. One is an oldie (but a goodie). Clearly, ’80s pop can only combat ’80s pop.

I am open to suggestions for a modified playlist to test out for the next month. I’m thinking of keeping one of the ’80s albums (probably the Boingo because I like it the most) and throwing in an oldies record (something from 1964, the same year as the Righteous Brothers song) and a similar-sounding film score (TRON, maybe?). Comment some comments below, Junior Movie Science Cadets.

Also, I asked Becca, Future Cinemanaut 2013, if she thought the “I want some butts!” scene was going to be in the “Baby Got Back” video. She said it never crossed her mind. I argued that it is probably the most famous utterance of the word “butts” in movie history (don’t flip out, John, I’m including Samuel L. Jackson from Jurassic Park), and Becca just gave me a whatever face. Also, Ali seemed surprised when I mentioned the quote as part of our drinking game. Am I starting to think lines from this movie are more iconic than they actually are?

Okay, does anyone have a hankering for some rumps?