WHEN: 10:33pm EST, August 3rd, 2012

WHERE: Bill’s apartment (Isla Nublar)

FORMAT: DVD on a Vizio 32″ LCD HDTV

COMPANY: Bill and Ty

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Very tired. Completely physically and mentally drained.  Eating pizza and drinking Batman-flavored Mountain Dew.

 There’s a storm coming, Mr. Wayne. You’re all going to wonder how you could drink so much caffeine, and leave so little for the rest of us…


-During the flashback to Jr. High, I’m pretty sure that only the kids in the foreground are actually child actors. The farther back into the baseball field you look, the taller people are. This shouldn’t really be surprising; child actors are, after all, expensive.

-I never noticed this before, because I haven’t really watched with other people much, but I can count down to moments when John Cusack is about to look like Joan Cusack.  It happens a lot, and I know when.

-For all the times I’ve watched this movie, I haven’t really looked at the extras much.  As such, I never noticed this guy making funny faces in the background:

I guess he’s not enjoying the prop beer.

 -I have suspected for a while that the flashback to the park where Laura tells Rob about the abortion and the scene in the park where Rob contemplates “jumping from rock to rock till there aren’t any rocks left” were shot on the same day. This time I noted what type of shirt he was wearing in the first scene, to see if he was also wearing it in the second. He is not. So, even if they were shot on the same day, the costume department had the good sense to make him change his shirt.


I’ve gotten pretty burnt out watching this movie alone for about a third of my viewings, so it was a pleasant change of pace having Bill and Ty join. Ty is a huge fan of High Fidelity, both the movie and the book upon which it is based, and was having trouble not telling me things about the book (which I have not yet read). Both of them provided interesting new observations about the movie, which I will now elaborate on.

Bill has informed me that the kid who plays Kevin Bannister also plays a young Robin Williams in Jumanji.  This makes me very excited because, after the “slut” kid, Kevin Bannister is my favorite kid in the movie.

We had a discussion about when the movie was set. The presence of the film The Dreamlife of Angels seems to date the movie in 1999. Bukk thought that Barry said that it was 1999 in the scene where he insults the middle-aged customer. Having now gone back and checked, the year is not stated. It is, arguably, stated to be “Pick on the Middle-Aged Square Guy Day,” but I have been unsuccessful in finding out in what year said holiday was established. Also, due to a typo, Bill’s new nickname is Bukk.

Bill mistook this ashtray made out of a shell for an ashtray made out of a coffee filter:

A poor decision.

Ty is of the opinion that Dick looks a little like a turtle. If you are a frequent reader of this site, you will note that Ty thinks that Christof from The Truman Show also looks like a turtle. Ty may have a thing with turtles, and/or people who look like them.

We could not collectively decide who is hotter, Iben Hjejle (Laura) or Kelly McGillis (Charlie from Top Gun). Ty and I are of the opinion that Iben is the kind of woman who would be attractive only if she had a nice personality (which Laura doesn’t really), whereas Bill just seems to be kind of disgusted by Kelly McGillis.

Bill notes that there is a poster on the wall of The Double Doors advertising DJ Crazy Bitch, which is a better name than DJ Gordon, Rob Gordon’s entirely uncreative DJ name.

Every time Bill hears Alison Ashmore’s mom say, “Kevin was her first and last boyfriend,” he thinks she means Alison became a lesbian.  He wondered if I had ever thought that. I had not.

Rob hands Laura a piece of paper and says “You can take this with you if you like.” There are no contextual clues as to what that piece of paper is. Ty assumes that it is a bill. While this fits the scene, there are no real indications that this is the case. I think that perhaps it is made explicit in the book, hence Ty’s strong belief that it is a bill.

Ty noticed Sandman from Spider-Man 3 menacing Rob’s store:

Venom and Harry are outside somewhere…

Ty informs me that “animal lightning shirts were a thing in the ’90s.”  I must have missed them, because I have no memory of this. Ty also noticed an owl wearing lederhosen, and mistook someone’s apartment for a shitty restaurant.


Probably the most insightful observation during the viewing was made by Bill.  After Lewis points out that Rob, Dick, and Barry are elitist snobs who look down on everyone who knows less about music than them, Bill observed that we are just the same, but with movies. And, speaking for myself at least, it’s true. I’m not going to be able to look at someone the same way if they say that The Blind Side was their favorite movie, or that they think Cars 2 is cute, or that The Prestige is too confusing. I don’t connect with Rob, but perhaps, at least in this area, I’m more like him than I would care to admit. Maybe I just don’t usually see it because our areas of interest do not significantly intersect. Fortunately, like Rob, I don’t really care.