Hey all.

We could not be more appreciative of the support we’ve gotten at this site. We hope you’ve had a good read, a good laugh, and a good think over what we’ve posted around here. We’re glad that you’ve spread the word on Facebook and Twitter and all the other web places that enjoy stuff like the Movie Science that we strive to bring you. But, you may have noticed a certain finite quality to our name. Indeed, many have asked: what happens at week 53?

Well, to steal from the posters for The Bourne Legacy: there was never just one… year of this experiment.

Treadstone may have done some dark things, but none of them involved the Top Gun soundtrack.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to announce The 3-Year Plan.

YEAR 1: Movie You Don’t Love, But Don’t Hate

YEAR 2: Movie You Love

YEAR 3: Movie You Hate

Yup. That’s the master plan. We’re in this for a longer haul. Don’t worry, we have buckets of ideas all the way to Cinema 2099: The Institute for Movie Science, but for now, three years. But here’s the best part: we’re gonna let you pick the special hells we’ll all go through for the next 2 years. Every lab rat is going to select three films that fit that year’s category, and you’ll get to vote for which one you want each Cinemanaut to watch weekly. Voting is slated to run from September 1st to October 1st, so be ready. We’ll announce our individual trios of flicks, show you where to vote, and then you’ll have a month to do your worst. (Remember, next year will be a movie we love; will a favorite ruin us or please us? Think it over…) Tell your friends why, OMG, this would be the perfect movie for Year Two, and send them in droves.  When voting ends, we’ll go to work, making new posters, cranking out an improved site design, purchasing as much movie tie-in crap as we possibly can, and plotting out ways to not go completely insane.

“Uh, guys…”

Oh, right. Yeah. Nancy is no longer with us, so you’re probably thinking that we’re down to three Cinemanauts for next year. Well, Lex Luthor has an answer for you…

If you thought we were gonna Kevin Spacey this one, you thought INCORRECTLY.

That’s right, we’re gonna steal a brand new Cinemanaut for our own nefarious purposes. We figured it would be good for the “science” and the “data” and the “readability” to have a fresh set of brains for the Movie You Love side of things. Bill, John, and Ty will have been watching the same movie every week for a whole year; they know how to handle it. How will a noob do in the Movie Labs of Cinema 52, starting out with a beloved classic?

Okay, big reveal? How far did you scroll? Did you see the top of her head? Without further delay, here’s the newest member of the Cinema 52 family: Rebecca Bascom.


If she seems familiar, you may recall that she’s been dating Cinemanaut Bill for almost 9 years. That’s right, full-on preferential treatment at our offices. If you were hoping to fill the position, maybe we’ll talk next year.

Actually, yeah, we were gonna let you get to know Becca a little better right now, but there will be plenty of time to check out her cinematic cred and slick writing style next year. The really important person right now is You.

[Derek, can you program a mirrored surface to go here? Slam out that code before we publish.]

We need you to get the word out. We have around 400 followers on Twitter and a measly 100 on Facebook. Almost nobody uses the comments below. We haven’t gotten suggestions in months. That may be our fault, but that’s gonna end. You! Motivated One! Tell your friends! And talk to us! Is there some web video about The Truman Show that Ty needs to see? (@tehmazingty) Does Tom Cruise give a much better performance in some movie Bill has to know about? (@BillGrayHaHaHa) Can John apply to get a walk-on role in High Fidelity 2: Acoustic Boogaloo? (@Scribdecahedron) Were you in one of our movies? Do you love one of our movies? Are you, in fact, made of movies?

Talk to us. And we’ll see you back here real soon. For the long haul.

For a theatrical tomorrow,
Cinema 52

[Derek, you know the end of Undiscovered Country? Animate our signatures right here. Thanks.]