WHEN: 8:30PM EST, July 10, 2012

WHERE: At my apartment in Portland, ME (Alderaan)

FORMAT: DVD on a Vizio 47″ LCD HDTV

COMPANY: None/roommate Elliot, momentarily

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Tired after an exceedingly long and unpleasant day.  Work had been horrible, and I wanted to drink.

[The following was typed directly after the viewing, while still in a semi-inebriated state]


After the success of last week’s mimosas (thank you, Matt), I decided to have a wine based mixed drink.  Using my New York Bartender’s Guide, I settled on the Bishop which consists of Cabernet Sauvignon, Orange Juice and Lemon Juice.  I also heated up some pulled pork, and made myself two sandwiches of the pulled pork variety.

Probably not a very good evening.


My notes for this viewing are poorly written, due no doubt to a combination of bad lighting, worse penmanship, and mild intoxication (the last of which I am still suffering from, as I type this,) and as such may not be very coherent or legible.

– I note that I ought to listen to the entirety of the song the opens the movie.  Some lyric from it struck me strangely, though I cannot now recall which one.

-Seeing Kevin Banister’s face on the big screen made me think of a video of David Lynch (erroneously referred to as Steven Lynch in the note) denouncing the viewing of movies on the iPhone which Bill had sent me earlier in the day.  The connection between these two things eludes me.

-The scene where Rob and Penny are making out to Crimson and Clover in the red lighting reminds me of Her Minor Problem a horrible movie which used the same song and same red lighting for a simmilar make out scene.

-“vhy does Oidk wont so much to shore His musical toster/w All?”

– Barry’s vintage jacket started me thinking about vintage clothing, and how once there is no longer enough actual vintage clothing to meet demand, companies will start making new faux-vintage clothing, much as the clothing department for Seinfeld created all of Kramer’s “vintage” clothes from around season 3 onward (due to the wear and tear put upon the original ones from Richards’ physical stunts.) This note was accompanied by a diagram which makes no sense.

-“Why don’t we get more Charlie tits?”

-“Oh no! It’s Marco!”

[From this point onward, my original drunken work has been lost due to an Internet outage, the following is a sober reconstruction based upon my handwritten notes.]

-“CASH date?” I was likely questioning when Cash was published, and how long Rob would have had to read it and label it his all time favorite book.

– “Dick is obviousy shavin his head cause Bald” This is no doubt an expression of anger over the observation that Dick appears to be trying to hide his baldness with a shaved head, (a faux pas in the bald community.)

-The following “O” reminded me of “an evil eye”:

I am not certain what makes this eye evil.

 – “Sometimes we have shitty dogs” Possibly intended to be “shitty days.” Relevance to High Fidelity unknown.

– “oh udnity thy naus is Barry” This passage is entirely indecipherable.

– Rob’s CD player is a “Nad” brand CD player.

– Laura is not as surprised to see Rob (when he stays home from work to see her,) as one might expect her to be.

– “Cat Bangles” Likely a reference to this viewing.

– At this point a drawing appears in the notes of a shirt with the number 6 on it.

– I noted the fact that my roommate Elliot entered the room and offered me a muffin.

-“Just unHappy + Drunk No Better”

– One of the mourners appeared to me to look like “Dennis Kuciniche.”

-There is no date or time or location listed on Laura’s poster. This seems like it would be a pretty big problem, but I guess no one noticed it. But, I suppose I didn’t either for half a year, so I can’t really complain.


Alcohol did absolutely nothing to make this viewing more bearable. If anything, it made it all the more painful. Despite drinking, I never got the pleasant feeling of drunkenness. It brought to my mind the denizens of Harry Hope’s Bar in The Iceman Cometh who, once they abandon their pipe-dreams, drink and drink but cannot get drunk.

Rather than helping the end of the movie slip by, intoxication seemed to stretch it out interminably. For the last forty minutes of the movie, each scene seemed as if it should be the next to last. Forty minutes. That’s as many as four tens. And that’s terrible.

On the other hand, the sheer amount of observations made indicates to me that the differed mental state got me looking at different things. Very few of these observations were significant in themselves, but the very fact that I’m noticing anything new at all at this stage surprises me.