Sorta cranking this one out. Got a birthday to plan for.

Punch it, Chewie.


Jun. 3, 2012
11:00pm EST - Someone was humming “Mr. Sandman.” Thought it was “Take My Breath Away.” Saw Maverick on his motorcycle in my head.

Jun. 4, 2012
8:10am EST – “Danger Zone” stuck in head. (It’s my alarm.)

1:23pm EST – “Mighty Wings” stuck in head after viewing.

2:37pm EST - Thinking about how the terrible song at the end of Men in Black III must have been conceived as “take an old song and do some of that dubstep shit.” Thought of Goose saying, “Do some of that pilot shit.”

2:42pm EST - Looked in a side view mirror while driving. Noticed it looked like the view from the plane-mounted camera in Top Gun.

8:30pm EST - “Lead Me On” stuck in head.

Jun. 6, 2012
10:28am EST – Woke up with “Top Gun Anthem” stuck in head.

Jun. 8, 2012
7:34pm EST - “Top Gun Anthem” stuck in head after putting on TOPGUN hat. May also have occurred due to John humming it all day.

Merely because he enjoys the tune, I’m sure.

9:25pm EST – Watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Raoul Duke said, “Too aggressive.” Thought of Charlie criticizing Maverick.

Jun. 9, 2012
8:47pm EST – Read about some guy getting his dream shot in the NFL. Pictured Stinger saying, “I’ve got to give you your dream shot.”

10:17pm EST – Saw a story about firefighters who “put these flames out.” Thought of Mav ordering a beer.


While I am in a bit of a hurry, I would like to take a moment to focus on one aspect of these results; they’re intense. And they’ve become even more intense since the beginning of this project.

When I jot down a result, it’s not me just saying, “Huh, this thing here is kind of like something from Top Gun. This will be an amusing anecdote for the site later.” The majority of them give me a very tiny bit of actual queasiness, like I know I’m building up to a full-on puke of something involving fighter jets.

I want to focus on the last result in today’s list. It was powerful. I almost wanted to leave a separate page to expand upon how I felt when it hit. When I read the words “put these flames out” on the closed captioning, my eyes shot wide open and I felt a surge go through my body. Not kidding. I felt it in my gut, and I swear my heart beat faster. I wish I was joking. Here’s the worst part: I hadn’t yet realized it had anything to do with Top Gun. These purely physical reactions were what actually tipped me off that something was reminding me of the film. I was merely sitting there, trying to figure out why those words had just attacked me, when I suddenly discovered that a jolt like that could only mean that it’s time to take out the notebook.

That is some Clockwork Orange, Manchurian Candidate shit right there.

I’m a little scared.