So, my options for not watching Top Gun alone and depressed are down to a Top Gun superfan who never seems to show up, a lady who I like a lot and don’t want to scare off with my insane-person note scribblings, and Becca, who has graciously sat through it with me more than enough times to prove that she loves me.

You already read the title. I watched Hot Shots!

Still alone.

I actually don’t know if I saw this as a kid. I know I saw Part Deux a few times, but I’m really not sure about this one. Probably for the best; I didn’t see Top Gun until just a few years ago, so I wouldn’t have really gotten the joke.

Well, I’m sure as hell gonna get it now.

WHEN: 8:13am EST, May 18th, 2012

WHERE: My apartment in Portland, ME (Isla Nublar)

FORMAT: DVD on a Vizio 32″ LED HDTV



PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Just woke up, hoping this will help my enthusiasm to watch Top Gun.


  • Wow. Right out of the gate, a drum machine with delay effects and the same font. I started laughing pretty hard.
  • WTF?! Produced by Bill Badalato?! That has to break the spoof rules to have the same producer as the original.

Or if a director spoofed his own movie in The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear.

  • Not getting why the Maverick character lives in a teepee. Did Dances with Wolves just come out?
  • I wish the Viper spoof was played with a straighter face, like Leslie Nielsen in Airplane!
  • Jon Cryer is in this? Is this partly responsible for Two and a Half Men? It must burn for its crimes.
  • Huh. They just kind of… used the “ego’s writing checks” line. No parody. Just stole it. Guess Epic Movie wasn’t the first to not bother with adding a joke to the reference.

James Bond!

  • Cary Elwes is perfectly cast as the Iceman rip-off.
  • Okay, giving every single pilot daddy issues… and all of their daddies being partially responsible for one daddy’s death… is brilliant.
  • Charlie’s counterpart, Ramada, is downgraded from an astrophysicist to a psychiatrist. Hmm…
  • Nobody has a RIO in this. Probably why they didn’t work too hard on a distinct Goose parody.
  • I think I had a crush on Ramada from seeing Part Deux as a kid. I definitely would have liked her in this; she would have reminded me of Jessica Rabbit.

Roger Rabbit!

  • Oh, yeah. I probably should watch 9 1/2 Weeks.
  • Wow, I’m an idiot. Dead Meat is the Goose spoof. DUH. Thought it might have been Washout.
  • I’m wondering about the shady backroom military deals. Are they parodying something I’m not getting? Maybe some Oliver Stone bullshit? Or did they just want to throw some more plot into their wacky movie?
  • Is the childish bickering between Topper and Gregory a spoof of Top Gun or a mockery of the military mindset? I’m overthinking this.
  • I know Top Gun isn’t really a flashback movie, but I like that Hot Shots! shows a flashback to what Topper’s dad did in the war. It would have been out of place in Top Gun, but maybe the guys who did those Portal or Voltron videos could make a short film about Maverick’s dad.
  • Lloyd Bridges throws a punch with style.
  • I appreciated that they also started the credits with the dead characters. Including Elvis.
  • Hopefully I can get “Dream Lover” stuck in my head now.

First of all, not only was “Dream Lover” stuck in my head the entire time I was typing up these notes, but I kept thinking I had to put it in my Top Gun results. So, good pick, Hot Shots!

Some of the gags and skewerings of Top Gun were really great, but I didn’t laugh as much as I hoped. Part of this could have been because I was alone. Or it could have been that most spoof movies feel like a pale imitation of Airplane! or Young Frankenstein and usually come up short or get just a little bit too slapstick.

Or it could have been that I knew what was coming next.

The horror!! Make it stop!!