WHEN: 1:15-1:45pm, 4:05-4:35pm, 6:58-7:10pm, and 7:21-8:00pm EST, May 4th, 2012

WHERE:The break room at my place of employment. Starbucks. The number 2 bus.

FORMAT:  Digital Download on my iPhone3

COMPANY: None watching with me, many surrounding me.



- Dick says the album he gave Rob has Sheryl Ladd on the cover. I had been thinking of Diane Ladd.

- Charlie owns a really frightening mannequin.


It is my continuing endeavor to watch High Fidelity under increasingly disparate conditions. This, combined with the fact that I was running out of time during the week to watch High Fidelity, and wanted to watch a 9:30 showing of The Avengers, is what prompted me to watch portions of this week’s viewing while on break at work.

My initial thought, upon putting in my ear buds and starting the movie, was embarrassment. I hoped no one would ask what I was doing. I don’t want people to think that I watch High Fidelity for fun, so I would have to explain the whole experiment. I do not think that the majority of my coworkers would understand. They would think me weird. I don’t much care, but it puts me on edge nonetheless. On the up side, I am still feeling pretty good from this morning’s coffee.

I notice some funny little coincidences. People in the break room are talking about selling a particular type of upgrade to customers while Rob is talking about almost feeling sorry about taking his customers’ money. A co-worker’s conversation about divorce makes me note that it is a very good thing that Rob and Laura’s finances are not merged.

I wonder if Catherine Zeta -Jones’s sideboob is appropriate for work. It probably isn’t. Thankfully, no one was watching. Anytime anyone said the word “fuck,” I kind of jumped a little. My mind must be in clean-speaking work mode. I found myself checking the time quite a bit, to make sure I wasn’t late getting back to work. Before long, I had to pause, put my phone in my locker and get back to work.


I had started getting a little hungry and a little tired. So I cooked myself up some chicken in the microwave while I watched. Chicken makes a person thirsty, so I got a Coke. I did so during the imagined Ian sex scene. For some reason, this felt really appropriate, as though Tim Robbins should be having sex in a Coke commercial.


There were less people around so I felt less self-conscious about watching.


I started in again while waiting for my ride to get off work. Watched a little more. The breakroom seems to be a very good place for me to concentrate on the movie. I think I must be so glad not to be working, that my mind latches onto anything, even High Fidelity.


By this point in the day I am very tired. I have been dropped off at the Starbucks where I will wait for a half hour then catch the bus. The music is loud, and it makes concentration difficult. As a firetruck goes by in the movie, I look out the window instinctively. It is almost impossible to hear the background music of the movie in this environment.

When it is time to catch the bus, without pausing, I walk outside, holding the screen in front of me. I pass a wet dog sitting out in the rain. I think it belongs to one of the hobos who frequents the Starbucks. It occurs to me that the sight of this wet dog is sadder than a wet John Cusack could ever be.

I get on the bus, and watch all the way to my stop. Exactly as the bus stops, the credits roll. It is kind of awesome.


It is a little surprising how a change of scenery can help my ability to focus on the movie. I was easily able to pay attention, something that has been plaguing me for a while now. Of course, this might have been attributable in part to my watching it in roughly half-hour chunks, as opposed to straight through. Segmenting the movie is something that I am planning on avoiding. It seems like a cheap trick. Movies are meant to be watched from beginning to end. Sadly, I don’t have paid two-hour breaks at work.