WHEN: Started at 9:21pm on April 28th. 

WHERE: At my apartment, commonly known as Alderaan, in Portland, ME.

FORMAT: Blu-Ray on a Vizio 47″ LCD HDT

COMPANY: John walked in for a minute while on his way to watch High Fidelity.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Not too shabby!  Drink: Dogfish Head Indian Brown Ale.  Just had a dinner of brown rice, tuna fillets and artichoke hearts (“Wow!  I’m impressed!” – You).  As I watch, I am whipping frosting and shredding carrots for a cake for my boyfriend.


  • I just noticed that I shredded too many carrots during the Harry/Peter big fight scene.  Classic Nancy, amiright?
  • I know I have talked before about how much I love Harry, but all of his different faces really add to the complexity of his character.  We begin with this here devious face, followed by mad face, dumb face, dumb-seduction-face, revenge-dumb-face and finally, burned-and-mangled-dumb-face.  James Franco is *THE TOPS* at dumb faces.
  • Oooh, this scene is where Mary Jane breaks out Daddy issues.  I love Peter’s face here.  He doesn’t flinch; he’s just like, “Really?  You are busting out daddy issues right now?  This movie doesn’t have fucking enough going on?”  This is 100% Tobey’s best acting.
  • I don’t get how Peter can just slam Eddie into glass in the middle of the office and have that be okay?  That’s violence in the workplace? I’m a little cheesed-off?
  • NOT TO MENTION how poorly J. Jonah Jameson treats Peter & Eddie as workers.  But that’s a whole ‘nother story.

So John and I noticed that this was the first time we were both home and doing our respective viewings at the same time.  And I noticed for the first time how much I unconsciously hum and shout aloud to myself.  It’s not like I am MST3K-ing it; I am literally just yelling “Bam!” and “Pow!” where things hit each other.  I am humming the themes really dramatically.  I am mumbling, “Oh, you don’t mean that,” after certain characters’ lines.

I think I only did notice these unconscious Nancy jokes because John walked in halfway through.  I am only mildly ashamed to admit that I totally fucking talk to myself when I’m alone.  I make silly little jokes that are only funny to me, I laugh, I make noises and sing songs.  I was having my normal Nancy-alone time and making those little jokes to myself when John busted in.  But I was already in my Spider-Man 3, everything-about-this-movie-is-hilarious-but-only-to-me mode.  So my social filter of “Maybe I shouldn’t sing along to the Elfman score as if there are actually lyrics to it” or “Maybe I shouldn’t call Aunt May a dumb, old bitch” didn’t kick in.

So I ended up having a really weird experience where I was oddly conscious of my own subconscious mumblings, but too much on a train of hilarity to stop myself/really care/really deeply notice.  I didn’t take excessive notes because my hands were covered with sticky batter from carrot cake.  But I’m pretty sure they would have been not unlike the graphics Sam Keith uses when he draws the Joker laughing.

Anyway.  It was a fun, odd viewing.  I look forward to next week’s!  Am I the only one humming this odd appreciation tune these days?