WHEN: 8:30pm EST, April 21st, 2012

WHERE: In my room in my apartment in Portland, ME (Alderaan)

FORMAT: DVD on a Phillips 20something″ CRT TV


PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE:  Tired.  Had just finished a long day of work.  Feet sore.

During this viewing I tallied up all the times any of the characters referred to sex, and made a note of the terminology they used. I did this primarily as an attempt to find some way to get myself to focus on the movie, an increasingly difficult task with each passing week.  Even waiting with my clipboard, jotting down notes the whole time, it was a struggle to pay any degree of attention.  I was staving off sleepiness. It was painful.  But here, should you ever want it, is a list of what each character in High Fidelity calls sex, and how often they do so.


Obviously, I expected Rob to talk about sex more than any other character, simply by virtue of being the narrator.  It was my expectation that he would most frequently refer to it as “sleeping with,” with a number of instances of “making love.” The results are as follows:

10x Slept With

9x Sex

2x Make love

1x Give it up

1x Have an affair

1x Screw

1x Done it

1x Go to bed with

I am not sure why, but going in, I had no memory of Rob referring to sex as “sex.” I think my incorrect memory of Rob using the phrase “make love” multiple times was augmented by the fact that Laura uses the phrase once.  As time goes on, I am increasingly surprised at the inaccuracies in my recollection of this film.


I was expecting most of the supporting characters to make one or two references to sex, but in reality, only four do. I think that this is a case of my mind translating subtext into text.  So, that’s something. And here are some more things:


2x Sex


2x Sex

1x Done it

1x Made love

-Marie DeSalle-

1x Fuck


1x Getting some

1x Smoke that ass

Of these, it may be worth noting that Barry is the only one referring not to himself, but to someone else. Or perhaps that is something that no one really cares about unless they have seen High Fidelity 15 times in as many weeks.