WHEN: Started at 11:11am on April 15th.

WHERE: At my apartment, commonly known as Alderaan, in Portland, ME.

FORMAT: DVD on a Compaq desktop computer.

COMPANY: No.  Body.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: I was cutting it *very* close this week, as my friend Lexie was picking up me at 1:20 to go to my very first Portland Hash.  So I was pulling up knee socks and running shorts with my eyes on the screen, but my mind kept wandering to the afternoon’s activities.


  • Here I am singing the Spider-Man theme aloud to myself and making noises.
  • Just noticed that Marko’s wife uses his first name, Flint.  This is the only time he is called by his first-name-only throughout the whole movie.
  • Oh, neat*.  When you watch Peter and Harry interact in his hospital room after his accident, you can see the smile Peter makes that Harry falsely and maliciously remembers in a flashback later.  You know**, Peter’s little giggle that Harry imagines he uttered upon recollection that Norman Osbourne was dead.
  • Hey, it’s Topher Grace.  I don’t hate him.
  • Gwen Stacy is really playing up that charming, aloof “dumb blonde” shtick.

I am really, really starting to enjoy watching this.

I’m not being sarcastic right now, although I do understand that anyone who has been reading my posts may have gotten used to my strong degree of facetiousness*** (see above note about Topher Grace) that this may not seem fo’realz.  But I promise you.  I am having a good time watching this.

I think it has to do with three things:  1) how loud and colorful it is 2) how quickly the plot moves and 3) how many characters there are.  Now, all of those things are essentially what makes it a bad movie at the end of the day.  We are talking about the bad CGI, the terrible pacing and the fact that the film is so chock-full of characters that you can’t bring yourself to care about a single one.  But the things that make it a “bad” film make it awesome for repeated viewings. 

I don’t care if one scene is terrible, because if the next scene isn’t awesome, it’s at least terrible in a *different* way.  If I am bored with James Cromwell****, then I can just wait for Thomas Haden Church to show up and act (even though he doesn’t really do that).  And if I start thinking too hard or wanting too much, at least the colors are bright and the CGI is awesomely bad.  My brain can turn off and my eyes can feast on candy.

Conclusions of this week: I may or may not have tapped into why people repeatedly watch bad movies.  And I have really gotten into using footnotes.

* = I am using a really loose definition of the word “neat” here.

** = Also, I don’t hold it against you if you don’t “know.”

*** = So I had to Google what I *thought* “facetious” was spelled like in order to find out how it was actually spelled.  I spelled it “phasicious.”  That’s copy-and-pasted straight outta my Google box, ladies and germs.  So it kind of makes sense that this is the week when I extract delight from this film, because this may be the week that my brain can legally be classified as mush.
**** = That was just an example.  I am never, ever bored with James Cromwell.