This… this is nuts.

For the past few months, I have gradually trained myself to not think about Top Gun. At this point, certain words that could trigger a memory from the film send my brain scattering in every other direction. It’s become involuntary.

I don’t need you.

You might call bullshit on the involuntary part, and I might too, but it just went subconscious.

On April 15th, I had a dream in which I watched Top Gun. This dream was fairly realistic and a bit shocking, as it was essentially one big disaster ruining many aspects of my life.

The next morning, April 16th, I dreamed that I worked on an aircraft carrier. Another Top Gun dream, right? Not according to this brain. Inside the dream, I kept talking about how excited I was to be on a new season of Carrier, the PBS documentary series about the USS Nimitz. I would not shut up about it. At one point, I saw the camera crew, and I ran over to tell them how much I loved the first season of Carrier, Carrier, Carrier. Was I trying to protect myself from Iceman or Jester popping in to say hello?

“I am thrilled to be in this episode of Carrier.”

Cut to five mornings later (April 21st), and I had a dream about Tom Cruise. Better go running towards the Top Gun results notebook as soon as I wake up, yeah? Not so fast. I dreamed that myself and the primary cast of Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol lived in a domed community under observation. (It’s a dream, so we also played on a baseball team where the worst player was executed at the end of the game, but stay with me.) First of all, it seems like my brain forced out Top Gun by grabbing Ty‘s movie and throwing in a Truman Show scenario. Second, just like the Carrier dream, I wouldn’t stop talking about Mission: Impossible. I was having lunch with Tom Cruise before “the big game,” and he was telling all sorts of behind-the-scenes stories, and he would ask if I had questions about any of his other movies, and all I would let him talk about was the Mission: Impossible franchise.

“Remember when you weren’t as scary-looking?”

You know that part of Inception¬†where all the thugs in the dream show up with guns and start fucking up Leo’s shit? There’s a chunk of exposition where they posit that Cillian Murphy has had training to guard himself against ideas being planted in his head. I thought this plot point was a little silly and out of left field.

I’m starting to warm up to it.

“Thank me later, I’ve got an empire to break up.”