WHEN:  April 12, at 12:55pm, EST

WHERE: In Ty’s car between Big G’s in Winslow, ME and Bill’s apartment in Portland, ME

FORMAT: Digital copy on my iPhone 3, sound on the car speakers.

COMPANY: Bill, watching next to me, and Ty, who, as the driver, could only hear

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Full of a delicious themed sandwich (see below), sitting in the back of a smallish car with Bill.


During a rare weekday off from work, Bill and Ty and I took a road trip up north a little ways to get large sandwiches.  Sandwiches not only large, but designed to represent elements of our movies.  Bill made The Maverick, Ty created The Seahaven, and I created The High Fidelity:

Behold its tasty glory.

  • White Bread: For Laura, the uninteresting but inoffensive lady who bookends the movie.
  • Roast Beef: A basic wholesome meat for the basic wholesome Penny Hardwick.
  • Pastrami: For Charlie Nicholson, a bit decadent
  • Honey Mustard: Like Sarah Kendrew, a bit wonky, but still a little sweet.
  • Salami: A meat to bump any other ingredients out of the running, not unlike Jackie Alden.
  • Barbeque Sauce: Barry, something delicious to make the whole thing palatable.
  • A Pickle on the Side: Dick, just in the background somewhere.

There are no words.

This sandwich is very rich, the layers of meat complement each other well, but quite honestly, what really makes it good is the combination of the honey mustard and the barbeque sauce.  Much as High Fidelity the movie is composed of a number of well-developed performances, High Fidelity the sandwich is composed of a number of well cured pieces of salted meat.  I would eat this sandwich once a week for a year, given the opportunity.


This was the first time I had watched the entirety of High Fidelity in a moving vehicle, but this did not drastically change my viewing experience.  Probably due to the fact that I have watched quite a few movies on my iPhone and Bill has watched none, Bill was very excited.  I suppose the ability to watch this, or any movie, on a mobile device, literally any time any place, is truly fantastic, and we should remember how lucky we are to have it.  Anyhow, Bill took videos:

We were finally able to jam the iPhone into the headrest of the passenger side seat.  Having the audio pumping through the car speakers was interesting.  I was able to hear a few sound effects I had not before noticed.  Nothing too interesting, just a door creaking here, or a car going by there.  The real interesting thing was that Ty and I ended up quoting large chunks of the movie in sync with each other and the audio.  As can be seen here:

There is also a video of me eating some of my sandwich while watching the movie, but it is kind of saucy, messy, and disgusting.  Feel free to look for it, if you are into that sort of thing.  But I’m not linking to it.