WHEN: April 7th at 8:20pm EST 2012

WHERE: Number 1, Fairfield, ME

FORMAT: DVD on an HP laptop with a 14 inch screen

COMPANY: No one.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Tired, as always. I also feel a little beat up and do not know why. 


  •  I don’t remember the last time I watched Airplane!, and I see the preview for it every week.
  • Sylvia’s TV is a Zenith.
  • This movie seems to last longer and longer every time I watch it.
  • Ed Harris kind of looks like a turtle during the last few scenes.

In the spirit of Easter being this following week, I thought that I might take a look at Truman from a biblical standpoint. I know that this has been done by some others around the internet already, and the handful of articles and blog posts I have come across are very well-done. Some of the things that are mentioned are the fact that Truman does a Christ/Creed crucifixion pose before he walks out of the studio, he appears to be walking on water, Christof says he is “the” creator, and Christof watches everything Truman does from the heavens, etc., etc. These are all very obvious, Narnia levels of heavy-handed metaphors. No offense, C.S. Lewis.

Aww, come on.

I like to think of Truman being more about the Garden of Eden rather than anything directly tied in with Christ. Truman is the only “real” person in the entire town. (I think this is the point where I am supposed to make a “Truman=True Man” mentioning and say that I am clever for pointing it out, but I am sure that everyone is already on that page.) Seahaven was created as a paradise for Truman. Christof had made his ideal world for Truman to exist in. Blah, blah, blah, I am sure you all see where that is going, and where I am pretty much parroting what everyone else has already said (if you bothered to click the link to the other blog). I think that there is one idea that no one else is really comfortable saying. Sylvia is the Devil.


I know you don’t want this to be true, but this is one of those truths that you do not want to admit to yourself, along with the fact that Firefly will never come back, movies based on cartoons from your childhood will always suck, and if your mother thinks something is cool, it is the lamest thing on the face of the planet. Side Note: my mother loves my writing…

I think everyone wants Sylvia to be the love interest, because everyone feels that there needs to be an arbitrary love side plot in just about every movie ever fucking made and this is why some are reluctant to make the connection between her and the Devil. Think about this, though; the Devil was the one that presented the fruit from the Tree of Knowledge to Adam and Eve. Sylvia is all about informing Truman that everything is fake and that there is more to life than what he has experienced in Seahaven. Sylvia is very passionate about the fact that Truman is being duped and having the larger world hidden away from him. The Devil is also a very passionate character. Lucifer fiercely rebelled against God for his favoritism of mankind. Passion is a double-edged sword; the fire that drives the herd also stokes the furnace of hate. Passion can drive anyone to make a masterpiece of marble, paints or song, but also can fuel bouts of vengeance.

Sylvia can not contain herself when she realizes that someone is coming to stop her from being around Truman. When she is trying to tell Truman about the show, she trips over her own words and is generally unclear. She is going in too many directions at once to get her point across. Almost like if you have read anything I have ever written on this site. Sylvia is so concerned with her message she neglects to make it clear enough to be understood by Truman. Then she is taken away, removed from Seahaven. Eve was still with Adam until they both died. They were never really separated. The way the movie is shot, we do not even know if Sylvia and Truman are ever reunited. We are led to believe they are, and that is good enough.

We do see, however, Sylvia watching Truman. We see this several times, in fact. The Devil supposedly watches over mankind to corrupt and influence us to go against God, or something like that. Christof, the creator, is also watching over everything  Truman does. They both are waiting to see what Truman does. They even have a discussion over the fate of Truman. They each think that there is a specific path that Truman should take. Christof wants Truman to stay in his paradise, and Sylvia wants him to turn against Christof, who she used to work for. Lucifer was an angel… just saying.

Ultimately, Truman decides he is going to leave Seahaven. Christof, as I see it at least, is genuinely concerned about where Truman has gone off to. There is a great look of relief on his face when he does finally find Truman sailing in the harbor. This is also peppered with concern since Truman has been afraid of the water. The Jewish people were a very land-oriented culture, and if you look at Revelation, the Beast that comes during the end times, comes from the sea. Bad things come from the ocean, since it is strange and mysterious to the culture of the Jews and early Christians. I think that is just a fun little fact that adds a bit more depth to why the control room is concerned when Truman takes to the water. Christof decides to try and stop him with a storm; this could be a reference to the great flood. The interesting thing about that entire scene is how quickly Christof goes from being benevolent to wrathful. He acts out of wrath, and then decides he has been a bit too harsh and stops. Maybe next time he will use fire…

Anyway, Truman makes it to the door, and is then confronted by Christof’s booming voice from the heavens. I don’t think I have to break that one down for anyone. Truman then leaves. He goes out into the world to make decisions and choices for himself without guidance. He has left the Garden.

I would just like to say that I am in no way an authority on any religion, and that I am just putting forth my best educated guess. If I missed anything or was horribly wrong, please feel free to get a hold of me or comment below. I hope everyone has a good Easter if you celebrate it, and if not, have a good Sunday.