WHEN: 9:11pm on March 31

WHERE: Started on my desktop in my apartment commonly known as Alderaan in Portland, ME.  Moved to my boyfriend’s house around 10:30pm and finished on his laptop in his bed.

FORMAT: Compaq desktop, then Compaq desktop.

COMPANY: Three buck chuck.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: It has gotten to the point where my mental state isn’t just not-wanting-to-watch-Spider-Man-3, but it creeps into my physical state too.  But I was very tired and very much altogether not wanting to do this.


  • I am all about Harry.  All I care about is Harry at this point.  I can’t wait until Spider-Man 4: The Harry Chronicles comes out.
  • Correction to the past: Earlier I had thought that Peter says “You’re trashed, brah” like a douche-bag.  Turns out he says “You’re trashed, Brock” like a douche-bag.
  • “My spidey sense is tingling…if you know what I’m talking about.”  Why is that a fucking line?

When I first heard that John plays neat games and fun experiments and blogged about his results while he watched High Fidelity, my reaction was as follows:

I threw a sword at John.

But now that he is out of the hospital and we are working on rebuilding our friendship, he has been giving me a lot of pointers on how not to go insane.  Now, you may or may not believe that imagining you are a cat for the sole purpose of analyzing the possible pros and cons of lying in John Cusack’s lap actually qualifies you as insane.  I am actually on the same page as you with this one, but bear with me here.

I have nothing new to say about Spider-Man 3 except talking about all the different ways I want to kill myself.  I thought that once I ran out of ways, I would start feelings better, somehow.  But nope!  I keep coming up with new and creative ways every time Thomas Haden Church acts.  So starting to like this bullshit is out the window.

So maybe John’s insane cat-logic is onto something.  We will find out more next week.  As for the time being, I HAVE NOTHING NEW TO SAY ABOUT SPIDER-MAN 3 BECAUSE I HATE IT AND I RESPECT YOU TOO MUCH TO BULLSHIT YOU.