My notebook is crinkly and pocket-shaped by now, but here’s an old photo of it.

Pictures never age.

Let’s do the dance. It’s Week 10 of Top Gun‘s daily lambada through my head.

Mar. 4, 2012
2:20pm EST – Could not get crappy piano and synth score from Mav’s flight status hearing out of my head while showering.

Mar. 5, 2012
2:24am EST – Used the word “buzz” in my week #9 notes. Thought of “time to buzz the tower.”

1:35pm EST – Been singing/humming “Paparazzi” on a loop for 20 minutes… because it’s close to, but isn’t, “Take My Breath Away.”

Mar. 6, 2012
1:44am EST – Watching Chasing Ghosts. “Joystick endorsements” mentioned. Pictured Tom Cruise wrestling with a joystick during the jet wash scene.

3:15pm EST – “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” stuck in head, particularly the strings.

3:51pm EST – Again YLTLF. Again the string section.

3:59pm EST – YLTLF. Fuck.


We’re coming for you, Bill…

5:31pm EST – Saw a video of an avalanche; cameraman screams, “Where’s he at? Where’s he at?” Thought of Iceman asking, “What’s been hit? What’s been hit?”

Mar. 7, 2012
2:55am EST – Groggily stumbled into work and said, “It’s time to buzz the tower.” This is not something you say when you take a terrible double-time morning shift. You say it when you break the rules and it’s fun.

4:55pm EST – “Mighty Wings” stuck in head while walking to the bus  immediately after this week’s viewing. Fought with synthesizer and headphones.

Mar. 8, 2012
9:20am EST – “Danger Zone” stuck in head. Due to “Danger Zone” as my alarm clock, though this usually doesn’t affect me.

How did you do it, Fure?!

12:45pm EST – Inception soundtrack came up on my iPod. Made me think of “Memories” from Top Gun and Tom Cruise being sad.

Mar. 9, 2012
11:44pm EST – Watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, “Peak Performance.” The Enterprise takes part in a battle simulation with the U.S.S. Hathaway. Reminded me of a hop from Top Gun.

“Hard deck does not count, Wesley. I’ll see you in my ready room.”

Mar. 10, 2012
10:20pm EST – Saw a news story on The Devil’s Brigade and their military tactics. Thought of Jester talking about aerial combat tactics. What an honor to our veterans.


I swear I don’t just watch TNG all day. I watch it about as much as I watch Top Gun.

Now, you may have noticed that I have more results than my other colleagues. Maybe you assumed this was because they’re lazy or not creative or unattractive, but I assure you that, at least in regards to this project, that is not the case. I’ve merely chosen a hard copy back-up and weekly release system because that’s what works for me; I’m sure they’ve got graphs or webisodes or something that will come out bi-annually. I don’t know, we all science in our own way.

Regardless of presentation, I’ve been asking each of them what sort of results they’re getting, and honestly, they’re not. A dream here, a security camera there, but the world keeps moving, and John Cusack and Tobey Maguire and Jim Carrey keep far away from their daily lives. Nine times out of ten, I want to call bullshit, but I also wonder… does this come down to what kind of person I am?

If you read my interview with Wes and Brian Brinegar, I briefly described how I can’t hear the phrase “this Saturday night” without adding, mentally or vocally, “we’re sending you back to the future.” I just can’t leave the second half of a movie quote unsaid. It’s like the “shave and a haircut” bit from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. It has to be completed or I bust through walls. Augh, now I need to finish the thing about finishing the thing. Meta.

Also, maybe this is relevant: I pick up accents. Big time. I can’t spend more than twenty minutes around a Southerner or a Brit before they ask if I’m making fun of them. The same goes for fictional characters. They stay with me when the movie is over. Hell, right before I typed this, I had to apologize to Becca for talking like Abed from Community because I pulled a marathon last night.

Wait, why did I waste all those paragraphs instead of doing this?


I briefly considered keeping a list of every time I think of any movie for an entire week, but that would be… we can’t do that. We’d need an intern.

Twooo biiits!

Finally, last week, I talked about how I am actively avoiding certain Top Gun musings so I don’t have to crack the spiral on the ol’ notebook. However, I’m finding that the same methods don’t always work, and I inevitably come back around to Tom Cruise’s sweaty, big-toothed face. When I successfully keep away from these thoughts, I don’t record them, and that’s probably bad for my data collection. So, while it won’t make up for weeks of lost information, I’m going to write up some of the techniques I’ve been using to free my mind of the Gun. And you can play along at home!