What movie have you been thinking about all week?

Guess mine.

Tell your mom it’s ready; here are all the ways I looked back fondly on Top Gun during the 8th week of 2012. Then tell your mom to send those pics I asked for to bill@cinema52.com.

Feb. 21, 2012
7:40pm EST – “Stinger” is a common term in television news. It’s also the name of James Tolkan’s character in Top Gun. Saw “stinger” on a rundown at work, thought of Tolkan.

9:30pm EST – Realized I set a personal sexual goal that would be like a sex bet if I told anybody involved. [It did not require “on the premises.”]

Feb. 22, 2012
11:10pm EST – [This entry takes place after the group viewing with the Lawn Chair Pirates.] Drunk. Sang “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” at karaoke night with Eric, Ty, Jared, and Tim. I took the role of Maverick, Ty played Goose, and Jared was Sundown. We tried to emulate the movie to the best of our abilities, including, “Excuse me, is this man bothering you?” [It was recorded. The audio is blown out, but enjoy the screenshots.]

Jared would be a spot-on Sundown if it weren’t for the plaid shirt.

I truly believe pointing at a woman makes her come home with you.

I think I just figured out which one is Iceman. Or Carole?

Oh, yeah, a drunk tried to steal the mic. I told him he could not be my wingman. Seriously. That’s data.

Now you sing! Because you all saw this movie today.

11:15pm EST – Still drunk at karaoke. Explained to Jared the difference between a RIO and a wingman, using Goose and Iceman as examples.

Feb. 23, 2012
1:38am EST - Drunkenly sang “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” with Tim on the way to Denny’s.

10:27am EST – Hungover. Watching Back to the Future with the Karaoke Krew. Made a “cargo plane full of rubber dog shit” joke about James Tolkan as Principal Strickland.

11:21am EST – Still watching Back to the Future. When the paper airplane whizzes in front of James Tolkan’s face: “Maverick! You don’t own that paper plane! The taxpayers do!”

“This smells suspiciously like rubber dog shit.”

2:25pm EST – “Playing With the Boys” stuck in head at supermarket.

3:00pm EST – PWTB stuck in head at home.

Feb. 24, 2012
3:45pm EST – Watching Inception. When Cobb talks about planting an idea in order to escape the madness of the dream world, I envisioned removing a DVD of Top Gun from the safe in my brain. BWAAAAAMMMMM…

7:12pm EST – Watching Family Guy, “Quagmire’s Dad.” There are several men in naval uniforms making gay jokes. Thought of the bar scene in Top Gun. Amazed that they didn’t cut to anything from Top Gun.

10:40pm EST – Ty wouldn’t talk to a pretty girl at the club. I threatened to quote the entirety of Top Gun to him. “You don’t own that dick! The taxpayers do!” Because that makes sense.

Feb. 25, 2012
6:52pm EST – “You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feelin'” stuck in head, though more fondly reminiscing about karaoke than the scene from the movie this time. YouTubed Crystal Method songs in an attempt to override.

This 1997 album was my entire 2003.

Guys, karaoke was goddamn fun!

I, uh, don’t really have a lot of thoughts this week. Again, I was much happier this week because friends make Top Gun amazing. Still got songs stuck in my head, sort of toned down the betting, same old, same old.

Oh, wait… I watched Back to the Future. That is definitely relevant. That’s the movie that I’ve probably already seen 52 times. I can quote the whole trilogy’s face right off. I wanted to avoid watching it, but I was utterly convinced by my pals that BTTF 1 was the perfect hangover movie, so we broke the seal. It cheered me right up. I quoted my favorite parts, I pondered the classic conundrums, and I loved every minute of it. It was like visiting an old friend. Probably because old friends were visiting me while I was watching it. But suddenly, I had a horrible thought.

Is Top Gun going to become my new old friend?