When: 3:45am EST, February 10th

Where: My bed

Who: Just me

Other: I have had a night out with Bill. We went to 80’s night and danced with some random women who ended up not feeling it. We then went to a Denny’s for a while. It was a fun night.

Results: Another night, and yet another non-Truman dream. This dream started out with me involved in a race. I was a Burt Reynolds-type character, who was driving a 70’s yellow Camaro. Unlike in Cannonball Run or Smokey and the Bandit, I do not think that any sort of importance was riding on the race. It was almost like that part in any Bond movie, where James is meeting the villain and sizing him up through some sort of sport, card game or, like that one time, a video game.

Did this make sense to anyone?

I might have realized this because I was instantly shifted into a Bond-type scenario in my dream. I needed a data tape of some sort to stop whatever it was that the villain was up to. That part was very vague and I think my dream made it up on the spot. It was at this part in my dream that I realized I had kind of become a fusion of Burt Reynolds and Sean Connery.

So this…

…plus this…

…equals what I was in my dream.

The balls-out awesome fusion that I was imagining myself to have become aside, I still had to steal a data tape. I found it in this room that was constructed like a concrete bunker, because all villains construct their buildings like concrete bunkers, and proceeded to give the data tape to my sexy female tag-along, because there is always a sexy female tag-along. At this point some alarm was tripped by my sexy female tag-along, because all alarms are tripped by the sexy female tag-along.

When the villain and his henchmen arrived, there was no banter, even though there usually always is banter. I dispatched one of the two henchmen quickly. When the villain saw this he threw an alligator at me. No joke. I am not making this up. The dream villain threw a dream alligator at me. This was not a big alligator, it was somewhere around two and a half feet long, but it shocked the shit out of me. Who throws alligators? I have honestly been thinking about how an alligator would pop into my dream and I still have no idea why. The weirder thing was that the alligator had teal and purple scales in addition to its normal green ones. It was like a Tiffany’s lamp and an alligator procreated and made this monstrosity.

I am going to bite your ankles.

This was about the time I woke up.

Summary: It has been an interesting week. I was debating at the start of the experiment if I should put in my non-Truman dreams, and I decided to because I think it offers a little insight into my subconscious. The bigger 52 week experiment is nothing but seeing how the four of us react to our movies, and at this early stage it might be important to have a baseline for comparison. I think it turns out that my baseline is horribly messed up, but maybe The Truman Show will “fix” that.

I am shocked that I only had one real Truman dream out of the seven times I was trying for one. I did notice during my viewing that I was feeling extra drowsy at the part of the movie where they play “Truman Sleeps” and whenever I would start the music when I was getting ready for bed. I have sort of Pavloved myself unintentionally.

I will continue to record my dreams and publish the ones that I have about the movie. I will also be revisiting this experiment at the six-month mark and for the last month out of the year. This will be to see if it is any easier to slip into Seahaven in my dreams than it was now.