When: 12:20am EST, February 8th

Where: My bed

Who: Just me

Other:  I had just gotten home from an improv rehearsal where John, Bill, and I had talked about this whole crazy experiment a bit more. As a side note, it was a great rehearsal. I was also feeling like I was starting to get sick so I took one of those sleepy-time knock-you-out pills. Here is hoping I will have some crazy, pharmacy-induced dreams.

Results: What a disappointment. I don’t remember anything, not one single thing. I did not have any dream adventures at all. This night was almost a total loss… almost. I now have a theory that they should have been drugging Truman. Think about it: if Truman is slightly sedated when he is going to bed, he might be less uppity about exploring the world. A lot of people, myself included, are motivated by dreams that we have had. It would have been very simple and a hell of a lot easier to keep Truman in Seahaven by suppressing his dreams. The fact that this never happened actually gives some credit to Christof.

I only watch you Truman. I would never put anything in you.

Christof does not go as far as some other people would in controlling Truman. It can be argued that he is just not that “evil.” I don’t think of Christof as evil, but I lack a better word that would aptly describe someone who would take a person and put them in an over-sized terrarium for entertainment purposes. I think Christof is after the genuine reactions of Truman with zero interference by wonder drugs. Manufacturing a phobia of dogs and water is alright, but sedatives are out of the question.

Thoughts: I only have one night left of actively trying to have a dream about The Truman Show, and I have to say that I am a little disappointed in myself for only having one dream that is directly related to the movie. The dream I had that featured Philip Glass was almost a Truman dream, and was inspired by me looking the guy up, but I do not know if I should count it. I think what I will do is repeat this little experiment at the end of the year to see if it is easier to make myself dream about my movie.