When: 12:49am EST, February 7th

Where: My bed

Who: Just me

Other: Just finished a viewing of Truman, very drowsy.

Results: Success! I had an actual dream about Seahaven. It was a combination of Hogan’s Heroes and The Truman Show. I was trying to tunnel out of Seahaven without anyone knowing. Digging down into the depths below Seahaven, I found a metal shield. This, I would assume, was to keep people from tunneling into the studio. This would prevent a possible way for people to see Truman or tell him he is on TV. I think that this is why we see a skydiver in the movie instead of someone popping out of the ground. This makes the studio/stage less of a place to film a television show and more like the Technodrome!

I only had one friend growing up that had this.

After finding that it was going to be more difficult to tunnel my way out than I had previously thought, I decided to come back up to surface level. There I found that, more or less, everyone was naked. So this was a success on two fronts. I finally had a straight-up Truman dream, and a sexy dream. The only person from the cast I encountered was the Meryl replacement, Vivian. She was the cute one with the red cardigan that was going to be Truman’s office neighbor. Fun fact: the actress was also in Time Cop… the series.

Thoughts: I feel pretty accomplished about this. I think I now know what it takes to induce a dream about the movie. I am still going to carry this out for the full week, obviously. Right now I can’t think of anything else to say but…