When: 11:44 pm EST, February 5th

Where: My bed

Who: Just me

Other: I am looking forward to having some sort of dream tonight. Hopefully I will be back to something slightly sexy and Truman will not show up and ruin it. I do not wish to cross-dress or do manual labor in my dream (that is what real life is for).

Bill woke me up with a text around 12:30am asking if my dream write-up for the third night was done. Our conversation went like this:

Bill: Experiment 3 says ready but WordPress says you still have it open. Wait till tomorrow?

Me: Do it up


Bill: Oh, 11:45 am or pm?

Me: Pm. I knew that was wrong when I copied the format for number 4. You are mentioned in it because of the texts. For science.

Bill: Hooray. In case you have to include my texts for science, BANANA HAT DICK PONY.

At this point I had a conversation with my roommate Nick where the line, “relaxation is Nazi Bullshit” was uttered by him. He was asleep and was consciously quoting the show Code Monkeys.

Results: I only had fragments of a dream, or I can only remember fragments of several dreams. I could not really piece anything together when I woke up but I do remember some bits.

I was at a Halloween party and a very tall woman dressed as Bo Peep or Alice was trying to get me to dance. By very tall, I mean like a giant. I think the top of my head came up to her midsection. She towered over me. I can’t really recall what I was dressed as, but I am not even sure I was dressed up. I was being shy and was slightly intimidated but overall flattered that this giant woman was perusing me.

Less sexy than this and more towering.

The next thing I can remember was that I was a character from the game League of Legends. I was playing it right before I turned on Philip Glass, so there can be an obvious answer as to why I would have that appear in my dream. The character I was dreaming that I had become was Twitch. He is like Master Splinter, except he shoots crossbows and doesn’t take care of four teenage turtles.

First Bat Nipples, now the Ninja Rap. I bring up all of the painful things from childhood.

From this point on, I was just kinda going around, being in the game without being in the game. And I can not really recall anything else at all about the night.

Thoughts: I do not think that the music itself is doing enough to help me think of The Truman Show. The closest I have gotten to having one is a dream that had the composer of the song I was listening to in it. That was more than likely due to me realizing that he had a spot in the movie due to his musical compositions for it.  I think I need some heavier stimulant to induce a Truman Dream. Maybe I will find a sound clip of Truman saying, “Good afternoon, good evening and good night”, and play that before I go to bed (on a side note, that is the first time I have been able to recall that line without looking it up).

I think for my next viewing, I am going to do it right before I go to bed and see if that has any affect when coupled with the music. I don’t think that this alters the experiment in a bad way. I have just about proven that I have a tendency to dream about the things I am doing right before I go to sleep. This is just seeing how much it takes for me to actually have a dream about Truman. I just really hope it is not a sex dream. That would ruin the movie for the rest of the year for me. It would be like being alone with someone you have had sex with at a party, after the both of you have moved on and are dating someone else but never really resolved any sort of feelings or thoughts on you getting together. That is something I do not want to do for a year. The times that it has happened already have been enough.