When: 11:45pm EST, February 5th

Where: My bed

Who: Just me

Other: I had just learned that my roommates split up. I, on the other hand, didn’t have a bad day. The Super Bowl happened and my Cowboys were not in it, so I couldn’t care less.

Results: I have been hoping for a dream about Truman, or Meryl even, but instead I get a dream with Philip Glass. Now I have this… My dream this night was about being in a production of a play. I was playing one of the important women in a 1940’s era drama, and I think I was supposed to be done up to look Asian. I had a wig, white dress and white shoes. The theater was a very big and very old kind of place. It was kind of like those rich parts of the boat in Titanic (a movie that I have only seen bits and pieces of and refuse to watch, but that is another story for another time).

Whoa, classy.

I was in full costume and standing among the crowd waiting to see the show. A spotlight was going around highlighting the actors as they blended in. I think I was standing next to one of the male leads, but I am not sure. I remember thinking that I was going to mess it up being too close to another actor. Anyway, the spotlight hit me and I did make a very pretty lady, if I do say so myself.

No one from The Truman Show was in my dream, but one of my fellow actors was Matt, the genius behind our posters for this site. He and I were in the second act or something, because we were still getting ready to go on when the play started. I had trouble finding my wig and I think he could not find his shoes. We had to go up to the dressing rooms on the third floor to get them. Why there were dressing rooms on the third floor, I have no idea. Dreams are not always logical.

Nightmare FuelI am your sixth grade teacher. GIVE ME A HUG.

At this point I sort of began lucid dreaming. I all of a sudden remembered I had a beard. I didn’t have one before, and I had my actual beard now. This led to a quest for something to shave with. I don’t think I actually shaved, but I did just kind of will my beard away.

Anyway, I get ready and go to have a visit with one of my friends from high school, Ashley L. (there were a metric shit ton of Ashleys so I wanted to add her initial). She and I did a fair bit of acting together in high school, and I am very sad I have not seen her in a very long time. I was in full costume at this point, and sitting there making small talk. We were in a back room of the theater that was just as made up as the rest of it, but this part looked kind of like a diner or a very nice dining car from when railways were “the way gentlemen traveled.” We were sitting on the same side across from Matt and someone else, I think. I know there were two people but I am not sure who they were. I never made it to the point where I did any acting and the dream just stopped there.

After thoughts: This is by far one of the stranger dreams I have had in a while. Out of three nights of running the song, I have had a dream on two of them. I am sad that I used Windows Media Player instead of something like iTunes. It might be interesting to see how many times the song repeats in any given night and to have a total listen count. That might also push me a little closer to insanity/horrible obsessiveness. I am not sure how this relates to The Truman Show, but if anyone can tell me, either leave a comment or get in touch. I might only continue with this little experiment for the rest of the week, depending on how weird things get. I will mention any and all Truman-related dreams that I have for the entire year, though.