I haven’t made a reference to Blue’s Clues yet.

Stop yelling at the screen!

Strap on whatever you strap on when you strap something on and prepare yourself to gaze into my azure tome of Top Gun mind farts. It’s Week 5, kiddos.

Jan. 30, 2012
1:30am EST – Watching the trailer for God Bless America on Hulu. Battleship trailer came up unexpectedly at the end. Thought of the Indian Ocean. Present day. Shit.

I am NOT watching this 52 times. Maybe 43, but 52? Ridiculous.

9:41am EST – Watching The Great Santini with Cinemanaut John. The crosshairs made me think of “too close for missiles, I’m switching to guns.”

9:49am EST – Webmaster Derek posted this Star Wars shirt on our Cinema 52 group page. Thought of Maverick flying a TIE fighter.

10:11am EST – Thought about watching Top Secret! Realized Val Kilmer is in two movies with “top” in the title.

11:14pm EST – “Mighty Wings.” [That’s all I wrote.]

11:56pm EST – This is fucking ridiculous. “Mighty Wings” won’t leave, so I’m listening to Belle and fucking Sebastian. John left it on my laptop because of High Fidelity. Fuck this. Fuck Belle and Sebastian. Fuck Cheap Trick circa Top Gun. Fuck everything.

Feb. 1, 2012
11:30 pm – Watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, “The Dauphin.” Cute (underage?) guest star called the holodeck “breathtaking.” Instantly thought of “Take My Breath Away” and the creepy silhouette sex.

See? Cute.

Feb. 2, 2012
9:40pm EST - Made three bets today. Think the betting scene got to me? Third bet was the actual bet from Top Gun (20 dollars, carnal knowledge, of a lady this time, on the premises). Offered bet to Cinemanaut Ty after an insanely pretty woman in a stripey dress started talking to him at the club.

Feb. 3, 2012
1:49am EST – “Mighty Wings” stuck in head. Drunk at a Denny’s.

Feb. 4, 2012
2:30pm EST – Hesitated starting car out of fear that the Top Gun soundtrack was in the CD player. Turned out to be Noisia’s Split the Atom. “Playing With the Boys” stuck in my head regardless!!!

6:34pm EST – Had an urge to bet somebody at work that we could finish a task by 6:40pm EST. This came out of nowhere, then instantly reminded me of the bet from Top Gun.

7:01pm EST – Thought about making a bet with Ty about his Cinema 52 entries.

“Fifty bucks says your next dream about a composer features sex with John Cage.”


First of all, I didn’t have as many entries as previous weeks, and music doesn’t seem to be getting stuck in my head as much. My theory: mental afterimages.

Are you familiar with afterimages? If not, stare at this thing for 30 seconds.

Now quick! Look at a wall! Did you see Dave Grohl? If you did, that’s because the photoreceptors in your eyes adapted to the white space and produced a weak inverted signal!

Whoa, we almost did some Real Science there. Let’s get back to bullshit. I think that I’ve been so exposed to Top Gun that my brain might be producing… antitopgun. Yes. This is what I shall call the imaginary substance that my body is manufacturing. When we eventually get our Fake Nobels, “antitopgun” was all me.

If this works anything like an afterimage, three months after this whole project ends, I will awaken with a cold shiver, watching Top Gun from end to beginning, in negative black and white, mirror-flopped, without needing a TV. And the music will be fantastic.

Of course, I should have guessed that I’d get the Top tunes lodged in my skull. (Oddly, I never mentioned this in my hypothesis.) However, one side effect I absolutely did not foresee was becoming more obsessed with betting.

As you can see, I didn’t put bet-making in my notes until the third time it happened, and even then, it was because I jokingly offered the wager from the film. I might not have found it relevant if it weren’t for the fact that I don’t really bet. I’m actively trying to recall the last bet I made, and all that comes to mind is putting five bucks on the line that Strong Bad says “boating mishap” instead of “sailing mishap” in a Teen Girl Squad cartoon.

Homestarrunner.com… the ultimate signifier of a pretty old memory.

So… I guess I’m going to call it relevant every time that I make a bet. Yeah, I feel like my notebook is strictly for when I think of Top Gun, but we’re gonna ride this whole betting kick for a little while and see what comes of it. This, of course, means I’m probably skewing my own results again, but I can’t really pay a guy to follow me around all day and not tell me what he’s watching for.

At least… I don’t think I can.

Oh, hey, you guys know what the first bet was, right?

Here is your prize for coming back after closing the Homestar tab. How were the six new cartoons?