WHEN: 12:00am EST, paused at 1:10am and resumed at 8:00am, January 29th, 2012

WHERE: In my apartment in Portland, ME (Alderaan)

FORMAT: DVD on a Vizio 47″ LCD HDTV, on an iPod 3, and on an old CRT of medium size in my bedroom.

COMPANY: My mostly sleeping brother Matt, my roommate/fellow Cinemanaut Nancy (for the beginning,) roommate Elliot (intermittently)

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Tired, tipsy, bored, had just finished watching High Fidelity (SEE PREVIOUS ENTRY)

– Rob smokes a lot. I had not really noticed this previously, but he is constantly hovering over an ash tray.

– No one has cell phones. Shouldn’t be surprising, but it just kind of hit me.

– I think Catherine Zeta-Jones gets a name wrong. She is talking about the person who she dated after Rob (Marco) and refers to him as Rocko. Those are two different names.

-Elliot points out that while Laura is mentioned as having pink hair in the past, we never see it in any of the flashbacks.

Having just finished watching the movie, I was in no mood to watch it again. I was also a little drunk. Not very, just a little. But where as before I had just been toning out the movie, this second time through in one evening, I was starting to notice weird shit here and there. For example, Sarah Kendrew has not moved since she broke up with Rob. She lives in the same hallway. Furthermore, when she breaks up with Rob, he is wearing a light blue shirt, with the number 2 on it. Later, when he declines to come back to her apartment and sex her up, she is wearing a light blue shirt with the number 7 on it. Coincidence? Probably not! Would I have noticed this had I not just watched the movie twice in a row, and also been a little drunk? You tell me. When Rob and Laura are listening to Ian have sex above them, Laura is reading the book Love Thy Neighbor. I hadn’t noticed that visual joke till now.

I also had some weird thoughts pop into my head. I found myself thinking that Rob is like a fetus and that the cord connecting his headphones to his stereo is like an umbilical cord to his soul. Laura yanks it out of its socket. This thought struck me as really pretentious, so I got pissed off at Rob, and had the desire to throw my pen at his giant face. I resisted this urge, because I have a nice TV. I found myself thinking that Kevin Banister looks like Gary Sandy, the actor who played the station manager on WKRP in Cincinnati.

I also found myself wondering if John and Joan Cusack have ever played Viola and Ferdinand in 12th Night.

Nancy watched the first part of the movie with me, and can be added to the growing list of people (5 and counting) I have watched the movie with so far who don’t much care for Rob. But after she left about a half hour in, I started to get very tired. So I did the logical thing and cued the movie up on my phone, and continued watching it while I got ready for bed. I took my vitamins, had a drink, brushed my teeth, etc. all while holding the movie in my hands. I found this quite satisfying. I then brought the DVD into my room and set it up on my bedroom TV. I managed all this without pausing, or letting the TV stray from my field of vision.

I was quite proud of myself. Then I got into bed, and promptly realized I could not retain consciousness. So I paused the movie, and passed out, feeling quite ashamed of myself.

The next morning I woke up and finished the movie. Conveniently enough, my brother woke up at the same point in the movie that he had fallen asleep at the night before, so he was able to finish the movie with me. This helped those boring last 20 minutes to pass a little faster.

This tired, disjointed viewing left me with a bunch of little disjointed thoughts about the movie, none of which really congeal into any solid thoughts. It was like eating a meal that was actually made last night, by a substandard chef, cut into 4 pieces, each of which were reheated using different a method, and to a different temperature. I did not enjoy it.