WHEN: January 26th, at 10:00pm EST

WHERE: Bill’s place

FORMAT: DVD on Bill’s 32” LED HDTV

COMPANY: Bill and John

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Jazzed as all hell because Bill, John, Becca and I just watched Howard the Duck, and I must say… it was duckerrific.


  • This was Bill’s copy of the movie. There was nothing before the movie. No Airplane!, no Tommy Boy, and no MacGyver. I was let down.
  • The three of us made up a Truman’s Trunk song.
  • That cop fucked everything up. Truman was fine until that random cop said, “You are welcome, Truman,” at the power plant.
  • “I don’t know this movie no more.” – Me
  • Me: “Why would you have a metal detector?” Bill: “To detect metal.” Me: “But-” Bill: “Question answered, Ty.”
  • The skydiver has a sign that says, “You are on TV,” and the same sign is in Sylvia’s apartment/house.

So, it has been a chore to do this post. I have been putting it off so that Bill, John, and I can record the Truman’s Trunk song that I mentioned in the reactions. We were never able to actually get together to make a recording of it, but it will be included in a future post. The other reason that this post is a bit late is mostly because I just did not have the heart. I have not been up to it. The movie is starting to get to me. I did not want to think about the movie at all. It is not depressing or any thing like that, I just am having a very hard time sitting through the same thing over and over again.

I think the problem that I am running into is Jim Carrey. This role was transitional for him. He was moving from roles in movies like Ace Ventura to more serious roles, or at least roles grounded more in reality. He has a couple weird moments in the movie that just do not seem to fit the character of Truman, in my opinion. There can be made an argument that I am off base with this, but some of the reactions that Truman gives are more in line with Ace or The Mask rather than the character that is established throughout the movie.

The first thing that seems very un-Trumanesque is the scene with the rain.

Warm stage hand juice.

The singing at the “miracle” of his own personal bit of rain seems unlike anything Truman would do. This is after seeing the movie all the way to the end. It seems Truman would be more puzzled and curious than excited about something like this. Given the back story shown later, it would seem that Truman would be more curious, or try and understand why this was happening instead of celebrating the phenomenon.

The whole scene when Truman is driving around with Meryl bounces back and forth between Truman and Jim being wild and crazy. I can not remember the exact lines, but there are just a couple times I remember watching that part and thinking that some of the reactions that were portrayed were less like the established character and more like the typical Jim Carrey we are used to seeing.  Maybe it was because I watched Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, but it seemed to me that Joel was more of a real person than Truman (and it can be argued that Spotless is a science fiction movie). The times where Carrey got “crazy” were more due to him being in his own mind and reliving his youth, not being wacky because of a crisis of faith or having a breakdown.

This last viewing, I will admit, I was paying less attention to the movie and I put more effort into lampooning the film with Bill and John. We had several discussions about some of the ideas I have about the film, and I was able to work out some of the thoughts I had to have them almost ready to be their own full fledged theory deserving of their own post. Those will be coming  as soon as I get them fully fleshed out.