We made it through January!

Look at this calendar. Look at it. Drink it in. Those are movies. Those are people watching movies. Four of them. Every week.

Oh, and please ignore all my overtime and the days I need a ride to work. And I think DeForest Kelley’s birthday?

“Thank you for honoring my legacy by watching Spider-Man 3.”

It’s been an educational 31 days. We’ve been praised by the person we ripped off, we’ve been criticized by people not worth ripping off, and we’ve been ripped off. Hmm, seems the links on those last two groups don’t seem to work.


I’m trying to ignore the “ups and downs” cliché, but I really think we’ve all had our moments of fun and pain in this first month. We’ll just have to see where the next 11 months take us. Trust us, we’re in for the long haul.

Now comes your part. I know, you! You, sitting right there! We’re still hammering out the best way to get the laughs, the tears, the science, and the naked to you in the most informative, entertaining ways, so please say whatever the hell you want in the comments section. Hate bullet points? Want some bar graphs? Videos of us crying every single day? Whatever will suck your brain into this experiment, let us know. Comment your ass off.

Oh, also, tell your friends. Especially if they love/hate any of our movies. Or watching people destroy their sanity. Here are a bunch of links.

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We have a lot more in the weeks ahead. Interviews. Special guests. Public experiments. Live chats. Subtitles. Yeah. We’ll do subtitles. We’re wild. We cannot be contained.

See you around.