WHEN: Started at 1:51pm on January 28th.  Paused at 2:43pm when my friend Philip called.

WHERE: My apartment in Portland, ME, commonly known as Alderaan.

FORMAT: Blu-Ray on a Vizio 47″ LCD HDTV

COMPANY: Myself and a few Spider-Man comics I was flipping through.

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: I was all getting geared-up for my fun day of watching the movies nominated for Oscars, hanging up posters in my bedroom and making a ton of Korean food for myself, when I realized, “Fuck… I haven’t watched Spider-Man 3 this week.”  I was having the most pleasant, lovely day before that realization, and it was absolutely the last thing I wanted to do.


  • Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy are the most self-centered little twerps in the world and they deserve each other.
  • My favorite scene in this movie is officially the first fight scene between Harry/New Goblin and Peter/Spidey.  It’s intense and stupid and awesome and perfect.
  • Except for the fact that Harry shouts, “I’m still here, Peter,” which is not something you shout when you are sneaking up on someone.
  • The music of the Sandman’s transformation is so cool, dramatic and Danny-Elfman-tastic that I realized it’s been tricking me into thinking I like this scene.  I do not like this scene.
  • I love it when Dr. Connors says, “Damn it, Spidey, I’m a physicist, not a biologist!”  I’m taking some liberties, but my brain always hears Bones during that line.
  • The scene where Dark Spidey attacks Sandman is shot in Wario’s Gold Mine from Mario Kart Wii.
  • And you can tell, because when Dark Spidey releases the water that makes Sandman melt, it zooms in on Sandman’s face in three bursts.  It feels just like triple-mushroom-ing.
  • Next time you watch Spider-Man 3, watch all of Thomas Haden Church’s acting and see if you can spot one time where he seems angry about anything else besides burnt toast.  Because I’m pretty sure Sam Raimi’s direction was just repeating, “Picture burnt toast… yup, that’s exactly the emotion we want.”  Not love for his daughter or fear of Venom.  Just burnt toast.

Whelp, I’m getting sick of this shit.  Anyone else?  Seriously, I just put it on and went through the motions today.  I’m beginning to tolerate it in terms of comfort, like listening to an album over and over again.  However, albums tend to elicit whole spectra of human emotions, whereas watching this just garners the whole spectrum of my smirks and eye rolls.

Anyway, I have been reading more Spider-Man.  I picked up some issues about Dr. Connors and his transformations into Lizard.  I recommend everyone read the storyline Shed, which is issues 630-633.  You can also find it in The Gauntlet, Vol. 5.  It’s really good and a pretty dense portrait of allowing the human in yourself to be taken over by the animal in you.  These four issues do a better job of conveying a personal struggle with one’s demons than a jazz club scene and eyeliner, that’s for certain.

In conclusion, this week’s watching was a blah one.  I was gonna do the marathon, but the reveal of the Oscar noms makes me want to hit the theater and do a double-feature, instead of disconnecting myself from the world in order to rewatch a years-old superhero franchise.  But next week, I’ll need a rejuvenation, so let’s count on a marathon.  Start getting excited now.  I know I am.