Last night I was feeling extremely tired, so I thought I would attempt to fall asleep to High Fidelity.  As I was not conscious, this does not count as my weekly viewing.

I set High Fidelity playing on my bedroom TV and immediately started trying to go to sleep.  As close as I can tell, I drifted off right after Rob recalls his relationship with Charlie.  Before I fell asleep, I had my eyes closed and noted that, while I could remember much of the video that accompanies the audio, when I opened my eyes, my memory was about 5 seconds ahead of the movie.  I am sure this says something about the order in which my brain processes video and audio, but, you know, whatever.

I woke up once while the movie was still playing.  It was when Rob gets the call that [SPOILER] Laura’s dad is dead.  I got up and went to the bathroom.  I missed the part where Jack Black makes a song about the death of Laura’s dad.  I went back to sleep.

During the night, I dreamt about stocking cookbooks at work, bowling with the Dude, Walter, and Donny, and meeting my 4th grade teacher.  I had no dreams about High Fidelity.

During the early part of the day, I found myself humming and/or singing “The Night Laura’s Dad Died” on a number of occasions, despite it being the one part of the movie I wasn’t in the room for.  Go figure.

I intend to repeat this experiment periodically throughout the year.