WHEN: 11:20am EST, January 9th, 2012

WHERE: In bed in my apartment in Portland, ME (known as Alderaan)

FORMAT: Downloaded from the iTunes store, on my iPhone 3.


PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Sick.  Taking nausea medicine that was working and diarrhea medicine that wasn’t.  No temperature.

– So, the girl Dick ends up dating, Anaugh, is that woman from The Talk.  I knew she looked familiar, but couldn’t place from where.
– Around the 1:20 mark, I feel like the movie is winding down, but there is a full half hour left.
– Shouldn’t Rob still be covered in mud in the scene following the scene where he jumps in the flower bed, and wouldn’t that be unpleasant?


The Following Contains a Vague Fight Club Spoiler.  It’s been 13 years, I know, I’m just being nice.

Being sick affected my viewing in much the same way it affects the rest of my life: I was tired, felt awful and had trouble focusing.  I have trouble relating to Rob.  I started thinking that maybe I am more of a Barry.  It then occurred to me that maybe that was because I was sick, and full of ill-will.  “But wait,” I thought, “maybe Barry is Rob’s id.” (Please indulge my stream of feverish consciousness.)  “He is an impulsive impish rogue, who does what he wants without questioning himself.  Yeah!  And if Barry is his id, maybe Dick is his… ego? No, that makes no sense.  His emotional shoulder angel?  No.” I continued, but now watching to see if Barry or Dick interacted with anyone besides Rob and people Rob could be interacting with to see if there was some sort of Tyler Durden situation going on.  Maybe Rob, Dick and Barry (wait, that sounds like Jon, Dick and Harry) are all one person!  Turns out they aren’t.  Dick meets and goes out with Anaugh.  Barry joins/forms that band.  If they were both Rob, he would be crazy busy and Laura would notice.  So there.

That train of thought reached its final station while there were still 30 minutes left in the movie.  So I groggily watched through the remainder while my mind wandered elsewhere.