Ladies and gentlemen, behold… I have finally tracked down the article that inspired this blog.

After many failed Google searches, I took to looking through dozens of individual pages of Cracked, Flavorwire, The A.V. Club, and Film School Rejects. Today, it paid off.

Please enjoy After the Break Up: 5 Films that Help, 5 that Hurt, written by Robert Fure, as presented on Film School Rejects.

If you scroll down to Honorable Mentions (as one does naturally as they take in each refreshing sentence of a well-written article), Mr. Fure has this to say about Top Gun:

“There is no ill this masculine ball of fire can’t cure. It’s got romance, action, and camaraderie. Watch it once a week for a healthier you.”

Once a week for a healthier you. Sheer poetry.

Also of note: High Fidelity is mentioned in his article. Absolute coincidence. I just picked Ty‘s favorite movie and passed it to someone else.

Well, to Robert Fure, I thank you for your prescription. We all do. Consider us the FDA to your Top Gun medicine. I would have tracked you down before we started, but weeks had passed since I first read your article and decided to make it an actual experiment. I lost sleep trying to find your work again (I could have sworn Top Gun was at least the main theme of it, if not in the actual title). Now that I’ve rediscovered it, I hope you enjoy what we’ve done with your marvelous idea.

And by “enjoy,” I mean “don’t shut us down over.”