WHEN: 12:16 am EST, January 5th

WHERE: My apartment in Portland, ME (Number 8).

FORMAT: DVD on my 42” Plasma (I like to call it Teletraan 1)

COMPANY: Nick, my friend

PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: Three beers in, far from tipsy but not completely sober. Kinda tired, but still wired from the day.


-Sat through the “coming attractions” (this is a film from 1998, after all) and realized that I am going to be seeing a lot of Airplane and Tommy Boy in the next year. I have a quirk-type thing where I feel obligated to sit through all of the opening credit stuff. Same with television shows, I have to sit through the opening theme and title sequence.

-So that is what happened to 50’s idealism. It was bottled up and forced upon a man.

-Jim Carrey is Magneto, with the power to stop public transportation and mid-size Fords!

-I couldn’t decide if Laura Linney was attractive in this movie. She has a weird face that says, ” I am happy and angry!” at the same time. Her IMDb profile has a picture that shows exactly what I mean.

-Marlon is the worst best friend you could ever have. This is evident by the poor naming he received. The best part is that was the name of a character on the “Show.” So it’s not like his mother hated him, it’s that that was the name the writers for the in-movie show came up with.

First off, I wasn’t calling The Truman Show “Oscar Bait” by any means in my first post. It was just that I am used to horribly made, underfunded, Magnum Opus type movies. Manos …. ugh. Something with production quality does seem to lose a bit of charm. Take Green Lantern, and compare it with Drive Angry. Green Lantern was just bad, phoned in, lazy CGI and just not enjoyable. Drive Angry, on the other hand, is something everyone on the project cared about. Not having a big budget ended up forcing the crew and effects team to find creative solutions to the visual aspects of the movie. This also led to one of the MOST FUCKING BADASS SCENES A CHARACTER HAS EVER HAD.

And we better leave it at that.

The Truman Show was, and hopefully will continue to be, enjoyable. I wasn’t able to inject any sort of my humor into it, yet. The writing wasn’t bad, the acting wasn’t bad, the filming wasn’t bad, but there was one continuity error in the film involving candy bars that will constantly be brought up every time I watch this. I feel like I now have to come up with 51 candy bar quips.

The part about this movie that disturbs me is that everyone seems to be cool with watching some random jack-off grow up in this idealized world where everything is just so… pleasant. Every hardship that has ever befallen Truman is some sort of sick joke thought up by a very obsessive man that sits high above in a control room. There is this very creepy obsessiveness that Christof has with Truman. For thirty years Christof has been at this, from Truman’s birth until the movie starts. He is like the culmination of every stalker that I have seen in the movies, wrapped up into an aging man.

I watch you while you sleep… every night…

I am unsettled by how everyone around Christof gives no real thought to how very, very wrong this entire show is. Christof is the abusive boyfriend to Truman’s battered woman, but the thing that makes this even worse is that Truman has no clue whatsoever that “the hands of fate” are being pulled by this guy.

…and in the shower.

Oh, did I also mention that one of the sub-plots is for Christof to watch Truman impregnate a woman?

Words cant describe how I feel about this manGently now, Truman, that’s right.

Christof aside, I think I might watch this show if it actually existed. It is a social experiment seeing how a person would react given different stimuli over the course of a prolonged period of time… almost like what we are doing … with … our … movies. My brain may be full of forced meta right now.