I have been challenging myself with movies ever since I was a young Ty (not that I am an old Ty now, but more of a mid-twenty-something Ty). I have survived Omega Cop, The Final Comedown, and Laserhawk. Those are all movies that do have some sort of low-budget charm to them. This is something entirely different.

John and Bill have seen how I react to movies. Movies with me are not just some sort of passive experience, but are something I try to take part in. Yes, I am that guy. The one that you hear whispering comments to his friends or under his breath at the theater. I try not to ruin movies for others, but there are some movies that I just feel take themselves too seriously. I can’t stand “Oscar Bait.” Now I have come to watch The Truman Show a grand total of 52 times in a year.

There are three ways I can see this going down.

1.) This movie will do absolutely nothing to me, AKA the boring thing. This movie will not influence me in the least, and I remain the loveable, pet-able, puppy of a man-child that I am.

2.) I will go absolutely crazy. Watching the same thing over and over for a whole year is almost a form of cinema water torture. Anyone who even remotely likes movies might give into a touch of madness.

3.) Paranoia will set in and I will think that I am being followed and watched and filmed all the time. This will more than likely cause me to become somewhat more of an exhibitionist.

So a hell of a lot more of this.

Now, I don’t remember ever actually sitting through The Truman Show ever. I know the premise of the film, but that is about it. There might be something about stairs in the sky or something? I can’t remember. I can tell already that this will be a year that will be hard to forget.