I spent a good part of my day wondering, “What exactly constitutes a result in this experiment? Does being slightly more confident count? Or do I avoid jotting anything down until I find myself shirtless in the middle of the office with no recollection of spiking a volleyball into a co-worker’s face?”

Well, today I got my answer.*

I was reading an article about WikiHow and came across a photograph of ballpoint pens. Unexpectedly, my eyes shot wide open and my brain said, “ONE OF THESE IS THE BEST PEN.”

Can you spot the best pen?

If these pens all look the same to you, you didn’t watch Top Gun today.

Quick, somebody ask me the best kind of bird!


*Specifically, at 8:03pm EST, January 1st, 2012. Yes, I have a notebook for when something reminds me of Top Gun. There is also one for logging my viewings and another for analysis of the film. Plus a calendar. Ladies…