The experiment begins today. As such, here are my previous High Fidelity experiences, and a few predictions.

At this point in time, I have seen High Fidelity only once in my life. If memory serves, it was in the fall of 2009, on Hulu. I was bored, unemployed, and out of new episodes of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia to watch. I remember enjoying the movie. I remember the basic plot. I remember I liked the soundtrack. I remember very little else about the movie. For about a week after I watched it, I was very excited about making top ten song lists.

My predictions:

1) I will obsess over lists of all kinds, to a greater degree than I already do. I love lists. My free time is currently dominated by to-do lists. I am watching through a 1000+ list of Oscar nominees. I am reading chronologically through the works of Dickens. I am listening through the albums listed in 1001 Albums You Must Hear Before You Die. It is my assumption that watching John Cusack and Jack Black list their top ten desert island songs once a week will influence me to start arranging the movies/books/albums, on the lists I currently maintain, into better organized sub-categories (“10 worst southern emotion dramas featuring Shirley MacLaine,” or “a comprehensive list of Best Supporting Actor winners from most to least deserving,” for example.)

2) I will increasingly grow to love the High Fidelity, until about April. My interest will then wane, and I will slowly start to hate the movie with a passion. This may lead to increased alcohol consumption.

3) I will inevitably look into the discographies of all the artists featured, and possibly even mentioned, in the film.

Time for the fun to begin.