Cinemanaut Bill is crazy. How crazy? Well, for starters, he’s typing about himself in the third-person, but let’s put that aside for right now. Last year, when Bill was assigned the task of watching Back to the Future 52 times for a science experiment (assigned by himself, no less, so again, crazy), he thought all that exposure to time travel via sports car would get boring, so he tried to watch some other time travel movies to dilute the monotony. And, because he’s that sort of guy, this turned into a staggering 156 films. All with in-depth articles reviewing every single one.

Sweet mother of McFly, that’s a big pile.

He called that column Time Out, and now you can find every single one of his articles on this convenient list, as opposed to waiting for a brand new one to pop up every week. Because, seriously, the only way for him to review more time travel movies is if Hollywood makes more. But that’s a story for another… fixed point in the fourth dimension.

[You can also find a complete list of all his Back to the Future articles in his 52nd viewing.]