WHEN : 5:28 PM EST on January the 5th, 2013

WHERE: Number 1

FORMAT: DVD on Teletraan 1


Ghostbusters is a movie that I have watched well over one hundred times. As a result, I think that I will deviate slightly on the format for summing up my feelings for it on this first viewing. Before I had popped the disk in, I was feeling slightly off. I felt like Ghostbusters is not the movie I should be watching, I should be watching the boring movie. The one that has Ed Harris coming along three-fourths of the way through to tell me that there is actually good acting in here and that it will all be over soon. After getting over not watching Truman,  I remembered all of the good times I have had with Ghostbusters. I know the last time I had watched it was the last week of August. It was the first movie that My Lady and I had sat down and watched together as a couple.

I also noticed that I have a Stay-Puft key chain, four Ghostbuster shirts, a Ghostbuster costume, inflatable Proton Pack, a hard plastic Proton Pack from when I was little, a mini replica poster with the original tag line “They’re here to save the world,” the firehouse play-set, the Ecto-1 car that goes with it, Janine’s toy VW bug that half turns into a praying mantis, the first season of The Real Ghostbusters, and two Hot Wheels Ecto-1 cars. One of those Hot Wheels is a USB drive. I have a lot of Ghostbuster shit.

I pull it all off, though.


The first thing I was greeted with was the old Columbia Pictures intro. To be a complete and total hipster douche, it looked like vinyl records sound. It was warm, crackly, and old.

columbia logo

Inviting nonetheless.

I was also being hit with the music. I absolutely love the instrumental music in Ghostbusters. I have the all of the Elmer Bernstein music on my computer, and do put it on my iPod. It is good traveling music. Anyway, I was then overcome with glee when the Ghostbusters logo and title appeared on the screen right after the librarian was jumped by the library ghost. I had this big dumb goofy grin on my face. I was going to watch a movie that I love. I have grown up with this movie.

I did notice that I was trying to look for things in the background during the scene in Peter, Egon, and Ray’s lab, when Peter is trying to score (ha ha, have not used that term in a while) with the co-ed he was testing. I did notice a laser sign and some of the random crap on the shelves, and then I had to yell at my brain to shut up. I felt as if that is not what I should be doing while watching Ghostbusters. I do that when watching Truman. There are actually good and entertaining events, characters, and dialogue that are going to happen. I do not have to try and make the movie entertaining. And after that, I simply enjoyed one of my favorite movies. I didn’t have to look into the movie to find enjoyment, or save myself from boredom. I have seen this movie a metric fuck-ton of times, yet it is still (and hopefully always will be) entertaining. That does not mean I will not break down the good and the bad about this movie over the coming year. I am just saying that I do not have to.


I did kind of feel let down at the end of the movie. I think I am somewhat afflicted with a bit of Stockholm Syndrome for Truman. It did feel really weird to not watch it. I know, the year I was supposed to only be watching that is over, but we here are Cinema 52 are conducting science. Movie Science… that may or may not be made up, but as the Mythbusters have taught us, the only difference between science and screwing around is writing shit down.

I put off writing this after I finished watching Ghostbusters as well. I didn’t want to go all fanboy on the movie. I am a big fan, but I also want to try and not go too over the top. I did admit where Truman did well, and I am going to try and bring up where Ghostbusters missteps. Though right now, I can’t think of anything other than how dated the special effects look. The movie is almost 30 years old at this point. I think it can get a pass.

Even though you can totally make out the outline of the light bulb in Zuul’s mouth.

I think part of me is sad because I will inevitably try to rip this movie apart and I am worried that Ghostbusters will not live up to the expectations I have set for it. I said last year that I had watched The Real Ghostbusters again, and found that the animation was kind of shit in some points. I always remembered it being a perfect show when I watched it as a kid. Ghostbusters was one of the first movies I ever remember seeing, and its sequel was the first movie I ever saw in a theater. I was three, and had either very awesome or very irresponsible parents. I want the titan of my childhood to be as great as I remember it being. To fully judge that, I will be diving into as much of they mythos as I can. Cartoon, movie, comic book, etc. Even some of the fan made stuff…

… my childhood is fucked.