Yes. Hell yes. I am so glad this movie was voted in for this year. I would not have minded any of the three movies that I put up, but I was pulling for Ghostbusters. A lot. Ghostbusters has been a prevalent force in my life almost as much as Star Wars, or breathing for that matter. The first movie I ever went to in the theater was Ghostbusters 2. I was a bulbous-headed little boy with an Egon action figure and Ghostbusters footed pajamas. I also had a Ghostbusters sleeping bag.

imageImagine this, but decked out in Ghostbuster gear.

When I was starting school I told my mother I wanted to be smart, like Egon. It turns out I am fashioning myself more and more after Peter, but who doesn’t want to be Bill Murray? I mean, come on. He is Bill Murray.

Anyway. In the next year there are several things that I can see happening.

1. I will end up hating this movie.

I don’t want to, but if Truman taught me anything, it is that anything can quickly become boring and tiresome. I do not want to become burned out on this movie. That is probably my biggest fear, that I no longer can find this movie enjoyable.

2. I will dive into the paranormal.

I have always liked the idea of investigating ghosts, spirits, and the like. One of my favorite TV shows was Supernatural. It got pretty bad after season five and that is a shame but… yeah. I think that I will use the movie as an excuse to go all out and explore the paranormal.

3. I will start trying to be Peter Venkman.


4. I will be consumed by the cartoon again.

Back when I was in grade school, I would wake up every morning to have a cup of hot cocoa and watch The Real Ghostbusters before the bus arrived. I loved that series and it was recently all released on DVD.

And that is pretty much it. 2013 looks like it will be the Year of the Buster, or Ghost. I love this movie and I look forward to talking about how fucking awesome it is. There are no brakes on this nostalgia train.

I totally still have this.