WHEN: December 21th, 12:15 pm EST, 2012

WHERE: Number 1

FORMAT: DVD on Teletraan 1

COMPANY: None at all


I am almost done. Just one more to go. I am rather disappointed at how little this movie has gotten to me. Oh, I am sure that it has changed me in some manner, but it has not been in any way that I have easily noticed. So either the changes have been very subtle or the effect has yet to surface. I think part of this lack of causality is because I have not been diving head first into everything Truman-related. Granted, there isn’t much to dive into. There are only a handful of movies I know of that approach the same subject matter that Truman does. I could have tried to go deeper into Jim Carrey’s or Laura Linney’s acting career more. I could have, but I didn’t.

The fact of the matter is none of the actors in this movie have done anything similar to The Truman Show. Truman marks the departure from strictly “fart joke” movies for Jim Carrey. But he also hasn’t really done anything remotely like The Truman Show. You can make an argument for The Majestic, I guess, and I don’t think showing up for a couple minutes of screen time in Simon Birch counts. Everything else he does, he has seen to it that he can inject some of his “rubberfacedness” into the role he is playing. Especially in the kids movies he has been doing. You know, like Horton Hears a Who, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Mr. Popper’s Penguins, and The Number 23. Now he is going to be in Kick-Ass 2. That isn’t very Truman-like.

This movie is also for kids. Right?

I can’t say with absolute certainty that Laura Linney has not appeared in any role that is similar to that of Meryl. She has acted in more movies and shows than Mr. Carrey has. I can tell you that Love Actually, The Mothman Prophecies, and Hyde Park on Hudson are not like The Truman Show. You do see her boobs in Love Actually though, as well as Liam Neeson.

Featuring a small, not annoying, child.

The only thing I can think of where Ed Harris is in a similar role is Apollo 13, and I really like that movie. I rank it way above Truman. Even though Ed Harris is playing a character with similar power and importance to Christof, he approaches a totally different aspect of that power. Also, he is in Apollo 13 for more than the last third.

He also got to have hair.

I think that is why I am not very fond of Truman. I am secretly a massive Ed Harris fan. He is a big part of the movie without being in it that much and we are shown him having a more prevalent role in the beginning. And then we don’t see him for the next hour.  I think that is it. I like everyone that is in this movie. And all of them have been in (and done better acting in) other movies. I think that is the reason why I keep thinking that The Truman Show can go blow a goat. It only took me a year to figure that out.