There’s something that I’ve noticed as of late. Every time I see something new, I go through a mental set of filters to see if it related to The Truman Show in any way. Is it directly related to Truman, is it remotely related to Truman, etc., etc. I never used to do this. It is only recently. I think it is due to the fact that it is getting close to end of the year and I have not been thinking about The Truman Show very often. I think I’m starting to feel a little guilty about that. This movie should be invading every aspect of my life, right? I have watched the damn movie over 48 times. Yet, this is not the case.

Maybe it is because I never really watched anything like Truman before. I use to watch things like Reign of Fire, Mr. Nice Guy or Ghostbusters. Sexy action movies where things actually happened, not a bunch of adults sitting around waiting for the next thing to happen. Even The Land Before Time had sexy action.

Killed by a bunch of kids…

Boring talking and waiting. That seems to be what The Truman Show is full of. All of the characters seem to be sitting around and waiting. Christoph is waiting for Truman to do something, so he can react or think of a new event for Truman to live out. Truman is waiting for anything to happen, since his life is a cavalcade of monotony. Meryl is waiting for Truman to fuck her, even though she does not like him in the least. And of course, the audience (the one in the movie) is waiting for the next thing to happen to Truman. Me? I am just waiting for this movie to be over.

I am actually flip-flopping back and forth between hating or not hating this Truman. The main reason why I might hate it is the simple reason of being obligated to watch it. If I was not forced to watch this every week, I think I would have a different opinion on the movie. It did try, in the scheme of things. It just fell pathetically short on its big idea. I think I can see now how someone would put up with this abusive relationship. The level of shit that you have to put up with is less intimidating than the unknown. Yes, it might be better if you could leave the abusive relationship but the fear of the unknown is still there. Who wants to put up with new shit when the shit you have to deal with now is at least familiar? It is easier to deal with the same old shit than some new steaming pile. So hooray, a comfortable level of shit is where I am at this point. Also, I think I just talked about shit way more than I should have. I have turned into my grandmother.