Here we go again!

Hey. Wait a minute…

Oh, right. That notebook’s full and in storage. On to Book 2.

The saga continues.

Top Gun continues to wrap it’s grubby little tendrils around my thoughts every single day. Which I’m pretty sure is my fault for watching it weekly. How am I holding up?

Jul. 1, 2012
2:58pm EST – “Lead Me On” stuck in head.

Jul. 2, 2012
1:01pm EST - “Top Gun Anthem” stuck in head while uploading a video.

1:40pm EST – Saw a woman with frosted hair. Thought of Carole.

Did not mind this result at all.

7:36pm EST – “Mighty Wings” stuck in head while thinking of Matt comparing Goose to R2-D2.

8:24pm EST – Try as I might not to, I thought of the engine flame-out from Top Gun while cutting file footage of the Navy jet crash in Virginia.

9:31pm EST – My friend ##### informed me that he knows Duke Stroud (Air Boss Johnson from Top Gun) and gave me his contact information. “Mighty Wings” now triumphantly stuck in head.

I’m reading all the comments on his Rate My Professors page before I call.

Jul. 3, 2012
9:01am EST – Was about to text Becca, “I’ll do the dishes when I can.” Thought of Maverick saying, “I will fire when I am goddamn good and ready!” DID NOT text, “I will do the dishes when I am goddamn good and ready!”

9:13am EST – “Mighty Wings” stuck in head.

9:30am EST – Editing one of Ty’s entries. Hyphenated “full-on.” Thought of the various times in Top Gun that hard-ons are mentioned.

11:25pm EST – Watching Nip/Tuck, “Allegra Calderello.” Somebody mentioned “communicating.” Thought of Maverick keeping up foreign relations.

Joke’s on him. That means “permission to fire” in Geographically Ambiguous Bad Guy Hand Signals.

6:09pm EST – Thinking about ways to confront people with more confidence. Thought of Iceman. No, brain! No!

7:18pm EST – On break at work. Heard “Danger Zone” on a TV in the next room. Thought it was my phone for a second. Then heard “I feel the need…” and froze in place, terrified. Entertainment Tonight was doing a thing on Tom Cruise for his birthday. Too intense a physical reaction not to log.

Jul. 4, 2012
12:21am EST – “Top Gun Anthem” stuck in head during sex. Started right when the clothes came off.

11:48am EST – “Mighty Wings” stuck in head immediately after watching Independence Day.

Jul. 6, 2012
10:21pm EST – Watching Ted. After two mentions of Tom Skerritt, wondered what the big MacFarlane pop culture reference payoff would be when he had to make his obligatory appearance at the end. Thought of Viper putting on his TOPGUN hat and telling Marky Mark to let the bear go.

 Or maybe softly embracing Marky Mark while he cooks.


Have you ever been asked what you were thinking after sex? Has it ever been: “Twelve twenty-one… twelve twenty-one… twelve twenty-one…”? Because I’m never reaching for the notebook during sex ever again.

Yeah, so I have a sexual victory song now. Which made me realize… all three Cinemanauts have some pretty victorious music on their scientifically-mandated soundtracks.

Here’s what I hear when a woman gets naked:

Disrobe for America, ladies.

Here’s what (I’m hoping) John hears during his next moment of personal triumph:

Good luck, buddy.

And Ty gets this twinkly orchestral fist pump:

Yeah, man! You did it!

And seriously, I’m feeling pretty victorious. Because I’m going to try to interview Duke Stroud. (Thanks again, #####.) Duke can probably get me Tom Skerritt’s phone number.

Oh, I suppose it should be stated for the record that I did not go into Ted cold. I knew Skerritt was in it because I’ve been looking at his IMDb page a lot, for some reason. Yeah, there’s a Top Gun joke. Whatever. That didn’t phase me. I was mentally prepared. But wondering if there would be any more tripped me up. Good on you, Seth.

Speaking of movies I don’t expect to be incredibly funny but I’ve heard they contain a Top Gun joke…

It’s fun watching movies solely because they will lock your brain up in terror. Sort of. Science. Yay. Play me out victoriously, Spider-Man 3.

Oh, Jesus. Nancy, I understand now. You had no victory music. You had nothing to stay for. YOU NEVER HAD A CHANCE.