WHEN: July 1st, 11:00 pm EST, 2012

WHERE: Number 1

FORMAT: DVD on a laptop with a 17” screen. I have also put headphones on. I will now be able to hear more, hopefully.


PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: I am feeling very happy and very slightly tired. I have come off a day where I had an extended family get-together, got drunk (to make the extended family tolerable), and had a very late night.

FLAVOR ENHANCER: None, but I did have some homemade nachos with beef, onions, and other nacho-type stuff earlier. I can still kind of taste it.


  • Watching this movie in this way makes it seem more intimate.
  • The sound with headphones makes me think Christof sounds a little disingenuous.
  • There are birds in the background when Meryl talks.
  • There are a lot of background noises that I have been missing for six months.
  • If Truman hates water, why is he so excited when it rains?
  • In the scene when Truman’s dad is abducted and dressed as a homeless guy or whatever, the two security guards in the background are talking like the Sims.
  • There are a lot of background sounds and little things I am still amazed to hear.

I noticed around 3/4 of the way in that watching this movie in this way makes me feel trapped. I am not claustrophobic, but I now more fully respect anyone who is. All I could hear was the movie and my own breath. All of the quieter moments of the film were unsettling for me. This was not due to the movie, but having the screen inches from my face with earbuds securely driven into my ears. I almost felt like I was inducted into a Clockwork Orange program.

I will never have those hooks near my eyes, though.

I was very tempted to rip out the earbuds at several times. I was squirming and dancing from the feelings of being trapped. This is the most uncomfortable I have been so far while watching The Truman Show. I think that is the most uncomfortable that I have ever been watching a movie, and I have even sat through Manos: The Hands of Fate.

John almost looks like Torgo.

The funny thing about this viewing was that after Truman was reunited with his TV father, I became massively tired. I have no idea why, other than it being around midnight. Immediately after finishing my viewing, I shut the laptop and passed out. I did not have any Truman-related dreams or anything of the like. This was mostly due to a phone call I received an hour and a half later, but it is still important to note.

This is the most interesting way I have watched this movie so far. It is the only different element I have added to my viewings. I have watched it with people who have not watched it (my parents) and then again to see if their opinions changed. I have watched the movie drunk, and even naked (once). Those have not really changed any sort of experience or meaning that I was getting from the movie. I do not think that there could be much to actually change the way I look at this or any movie. Being isolated with the movie and not able to escape would even make a comforting movie unnerving.

Or a Legend of Curly’s Gold.

I think that being all encased in Truman would not have bugged me as much if I had different headphones on. I was using earbuds, which are not my favorite to begin with. I much prefer the over-the-ear style. The earbud headphones are actually penetrating your body, if you stop and think about it. In other words, I literally had Truman inside me…