This is an extra viewing. I know, why the fuck would I want to watch this movie again, a day after watching it? I am stuck. I have some thoughts that I wanted to develop more for the write-up this week and had to put down the… keyboard to go do other things. I lost the fire I had. I did not think I would, but I did.

WHEN: June 12th, 1:29 pm EST, 2012

WHERE: Number 8

FORMAT: DVD on Teletraan 1


PHYSICAL AND MENTAL STATE: I am so disappointed with myself for doing this.

FLAVOR ENHANCER: Doritos, those ranch kinds


I know I am not really paying attention to the whole movie, since I am just watching for specific things. This kind of colors my reactions. I have no idea if I will even write much here. I am not going to stop halfway through. I know that.

  • Noah Emmerich plays Louis Coltrane who plays Marlon, just as Laura Linney plays Hannah Gill who plays Meryl.
  • What is it with “M” names. Marlon, Meryl… and Mother? Truman’s mother is never even given a proper name. She is just Mother. The three important people in Truman’s life all are identified by an “M.”
  • After Meryl leaves Truman, he still has her picture at his desk at work.
  • Seahaven is too small to have a “transit” service.


The only reason I am doing this is because I am stuck halfway through going on about Truman’s work and the bit that follows. How can it be that I have yet to have this movie memorized? I know I used to watch Jurassic Park and Star Wars all the time when I was a kid, and I never memorized those. I have been in plays and things like that as well and do not remember my lines still. I think I tend to purge things I don’t feel I need. That sums up this movie for me, I think. I do not need it. I just have it around. It is not like something that I will miss when I do not have it any more. The Truman Show for me, at this point, is like a textbook. I have to carry it around and use it, but there is nothing very useful in it. Anything I could have gotten from it I have come to understand through a more interesting means or in a manner that was better put together. It is also dated, and I groan to think that there might be an updated, better edition out there. I would not wish that on the crew making the movie, or the poor bastards who watch it. I kinda feel bad for anyone who thinks this movie is good. It is like enjoying a hot dog. People who know what actually goes into it are horrified whenever they see anyone else enjoying it with ignorant bliss.

Real men don’t put ketchup on their dog.