Face the windmills in my mind.

Suit up, Don Quixote.

There’s no knowing where I’m going any more. It’s Week 22. Been thinkin’ ’bout the Gun a bit. Here’s how. The why is probably “I’m watching Top Gun every week,” but you never know. Ssscience.

May 27, 2012
8:30am EST - Becca looked like Charlie in bed this morning. Had “Take My Breath Away” stuck in head.

11:05am EST – Watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, “The Nth Degree.” Geordi took out a shuttlecraft. Thought of Goose saying, “Do some of that pilot shit.”

May 28, 2012
2:24pm EST – Watching Supernatural, “Faith.” Dean said, “Roy’s a good man.” Heard Maverick saying, “Still is a good man.”

May 29, 2o12
2:03pm EST - Reading Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Read “There was simply no call” and heard Viper talking about “calling no joy.”

“I feel the need… the need for speed, grass, mescaline, acid, cocaine, uppers, downers, screamers, laughers, tequila, rum, beer, ether, and amyls.”

May 31, 2012
4:58am EST – The flight status score from Top Gun stuck in head. Thought it was score from Doctor Who for a few minutes.

6:07pm EST – Was JUST leaving a Subway when “Great Balls of Fire” started playing. Tried to fight it, but saw Goose at the piano.

11:07pm EST – Was JUST about to leave ’80s night at the club when “She Bop” by Cyndi Lauper came on. Mentioned “messing with the danger zone.” Thought of the aircraft carrier.

As we all know, the song is about constantly touching an F-14.

Jun. 1, 2012
7:43pm EST – Drank water out of a wine glass. Thought of the way Charlie drinks wine and stares like a creep.

Jun. 2, 2012
9:58am EST – Said, “I can hold my own,” while playing Tetris. Realized that’s what Maverick says when Charlie asks if he’s a good pilot.

10:30pm EST – Realized the horn section from “Lead Me On” was stuck in my head.


I’m kinda just staring at that last result right there. Would YOU know if the horn section from “Lead Me On” was stuck in your head? Of course you wouldn’t. You have no idea what that is. It’s playing during “Animal Night” at whatever shitty club they go to in Top Gun. The song is by Teena Marie. You don’t know who that is. Neither do I. But I know her one terrible song on the soundtrack. Does she have any other tunes?

Maybe they’re good.

Of course they’re good. They’re not in the movie.

Only ten results this week. Does the number seem to be going down to you? Either I’ve built up mental defenses or I’m taking shittier notes. I do not think it’s the second option. Ask anyone who’s seen me whip out the notebook.

I think we’ll have a results graph or two coming our way at the halfway point… ladies. I know what charts and graphs do to you.