Spoiler alert: Only 7 results this week.

6 of them on the same day.

Might as well not even read it this week. So, like every other entry every other week. Wait, is that alternating entries on alternating weeks, or all entries and weeks that aren’t this one?

Sod it, English is hard. Just ask my colleagues. Zzzing!

Okay, I’m sleepy and I have to cover a shift today. Week #20, engage!

May 15, 2012
1:15pm EST - Stupid fucking “listening to the radio” song keeps entering my head. [Finally looked it up, it’s called “Radar Radio,” not on the soundtrack.]

7:58pm EST - “Heaven in Your Eyes” stuck in head.

8:10pm EST – HIYE still stuck. Probably because it’s new. In HIYE mode until further notice.

8:19pm EST – HIYE mode continues. Reminded me of “You’re Still the One” by Shania Twain for reasons unknown. Watched that video in an attempt to kill HIYE.

8:30pm EST - HIYE came back. More Shania.

8:55pm EST - Jumped to Chemical Brothers playlist safely. No signs of HIYE following; seems to have faded. I listen to mostly wordless electronic dance music; it’s hard to kill Top Gun songs with music I like.

May 19, 2012
3:40pm EST – Ty texted me some acerbic wit. I responded with, “I love your brutality,”¬†and almost added, “This stuff gives me a hard-on.” Thought about that scene. Texted Ty about it.


Congratulations! I’m pretty sure I have had every goddamn song on the Top Gun soundtrack stuck in my head! What a milestone!

Also, a coworker caught me listening to Shania Twain at work. I launched into a two-minute speech on how I don’t listen to a lot of music with words, so my best bet is to enter Mash-Up Mode and listen to the first similarly schlocky song that pops into my head that sounds really similar to the Top Gun song. And THAT, Mister Zep Fan, is why I am not only listening to “You’re Still the One,” but also starting it over.

The worst part? I think I actually wanted a Faith Hill song.

Yep. That was the one. Oh well. Bad news for work, good news for my CINEMA 52 YEAR-ENDER HIGHWAY TO THE FREEDOM ZONE MEGA-MASH CLUB MIX.